Magistrate Office

Magistrate Office

Every member has the right to bring their concerns or complaints to the fleet’s leadership through their task force staff or through the Bravo Fleet Magistrate, without fear of reprisal or negative consequences for their standing within the fleet.
Bravo Fleet Charter, Article II, Section 1 – Rights of the Membership

The Magistrate’s Office is responsible for the execution of Bravo Fleet’s judicial processes, including investigations, trials and appeals. The Bravo Fleet Magistrate is a non-voting member of the Bravo Fleet Admiralty who, beyond the Magistrate’s role in judicial proceedings, advises on rules interpretations and informally mediates disputes.

Meet the Magistrate

Fleet Admiral Allison Reyes
Command Judge Advocate

The current Bravo Fleet Magistrate is Jon Matterson. A member of Bravo Fleet since 2003, Jon has served on the Bravo Fleet Command Council and as Bravo Fleet Executive Officer, Bravo Fleet Internet Officer and Task Force Commanding Officer, participated in the governance overhauls of 2017 and 2019, and consistently put the interests of the community first. Jon’s hope is to see a peaceful and prosperous Bravo Fleet, one free of Magisterial proceedings, but he recognizes the importance of the Magistrate’s Office in ensuring fair and impartial judicial process when all other avenues for conflict resolution have been exhausted.

Department Positions

The Bravo Fleet Magistrate is the Chief Judge of the Bravo Fleet Magistrates Office, and convenes the court as necessary. The Bravo Fleet Magistrate is second to none with authority in the execution of justice.

The Magistrate Office’s Investigator is responsible for investigating any complaints filed with the Magistrate Office. The Investigator acts under the direction of the Bravo Fleet Magistrate and, upon the completion of an investigation, files formal charges with the Magistrate Office on behalf of the fleet. During trials, the Investigator presents their case to the Magistrate based on information gathered during an investigation.

The Magistrate Office’s Defender is responsible for defending any accused person in the Fleet. Upon the completion of an investigation, the Defender will represent the accused party during a trial with the Bravo Fleet Magistrate and the Investigator.

The Magistrate Office’s Appeals Panel exists to examine all issues brought by appellants. The panel consists of three active members selected from amongst the Fleet, each with at least 1 year of service.