Internet Office

Internet Office

The Bravo Fleet Internet Office (BFIO) is responsible for maintaining and developing Bravo Fleet’s online infrastructure. These generally fall under two teams: graphics and software. The Internet Office is run by the Bravo Fleet Internet Officer, a sitting member of the Bravo Fleet Admiralty who advises fleet leadership on various technologies.

Software Team

The Bravo Fleet Software Team is responsible for finding, developing, and implementing new software for the fleet. They respond to bug reports on our various platforms, and they help expand new features. The team manages the Bravo Fleet Management System, Relay Station Bravo, the Infobase, and the fleet’s Discord server. The Software Team is led by the Bravo Fleet Software Director, a Command Adjutant-level position.

Graphics Team

The Bravo Fleet Graphics Team is staffed with talented, volunteer artists from our community. They are responsible for a wide range of graphics-related tasks, including everything from official fleet images (logos, banners, maps, etc) to requests from the community. The Graphics Team is led by the Bravo Fleet Graphics Director, a Command Adjutant-level position.

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Hosting Team

The Bravo Fleet Hosting Team is responsible for creating and managing all hosting accounts on the fleet’s server. They create new accounts for new games in the fleet, and they help Commanding Officers setup websites. The hosting team also provides support for COs who have issues with their hosting accounts or their websites. The Hosting Team is led by the Bravo Fleet Hosting Director, a Command Adjutant-level position.

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