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How well do you know your Astrometrics? (Alpha Addition)


Welcome to Astrometrics 101. We will do a pop quiz to see what you all know about our galaxy. So this is not for a grade, but you will have the glory and honor if you are the fastest in this pop quiz. We will start today with the Alpha Quadrant, below you will see a link, press on it, and you will be guided to the pop quiz. Enjoy.

Alpha Quadrant Pop Quiz


  • Take a screenshot of your completed crossword and submit it via the submission screen
  • Winners will be determined by completeness and then by time submitted.


User ID Date Entry
Aryanna Rigras 2486 2022-12-28 19:48:07
Luke Duncan 1759 2022-12-28 01:05:48
Joshua Bryant 2586 2022-12-23 08:27:50

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