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Survival 101 – Jungle Theme


Starfleet Academy has found out during a routine archive check that there was a miscalculation with your grade in the class survival 101. You (your primary character) have not passed this class and are required to redo this class, or your current assignment will be in danger. Please perform the below-given assignment in a nearby holodeck and send the results to Starfleet Academy. We advise you to have a senior staff member observe this examination.

Starfleet Survival 101 – Examination Requirements:

1) Situational briefing

A shuttle crashes on an M-class planet that has heavy jungle conditions. The cadet will find himself/herself near the bottom of a mountain. Scans will indicate that there is fresh water 20 minutes north. Furthermore, the scans indicate that there are animals nearby with unknown behavior. The night will come soon as the sun goes down. When the SOS beacon is repaired and activated, it will take at least 24 hours for a ship to arrive. Do the below actions and survive this examination until the end. If you quit, you will fail the examination. 

2) Actions

  • The cadet requires gathering food/water,
  • The cadet requires getting shelter. The shuttle may be used as a shelter, but it requires serious patching,
  • The cadet requires fixing the SOS beacon.
  • The cadet requires surviving 1 day and 2 nights on the planet.

For this event, you’re tasked with writing a story using your skills to survive the examination requirements. How you play this assignment out is up to you, but the requirements are to be met. This story is based on your character’s survival, meaning it should be written in a less favorable setting. Please keep this in mind.  This is a golden opportunity to do some excellent character development for your character! Enjoy!


  • All submissions should be sent through BFMS, and a link to the story should be included as the entry.
  • Submissions should be between 500 and 2000 words.
  • Submissions will be graded based on grammar, story, and how well the requirements have been met in the story.


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