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TF86: BF Wiki Scavenger hunt


Ever wanted the chance to really learn more about the Bravo Fleet Wiki? Well this will give you that chance, as a small trail of information is needed and it can only be found by scouring the Wiki. All information will only be internal to the BF Wiki No external links are used!

This information your hunting is stated below in 11 questions:

  • What Nebula is TF86 stationed near?
  • What lawless region of space borders TF86?
  • What planet is called “Planet of Galactic Peace?
  • Where is the D’Ghor’s central operating base?
  • Who leads the Sovereignty of Kahless?
  • Who is the captain of the SS Vondem Rose?
  • Who lost over 7 million troops in the Dominion War?
  • Who considers most species to be slaves at best?
  • What species has an Autarchy Governance?
  • Who uses a Caste-Based Assembly?
  •  Where is the USS Majestic stationed?

Good luck and happy hunting


  • Placement will occur by who has the most correct answers. Ties will be determined by date and time of submission.


User ID Date Entry
Andreus Kohl 2374 2022-09-09 01:02:44
Walter Jones 1659 2022-09-08 13:28:16
Gregorian Gregory Rook 2543 2022-09-06 20:50:34
Edmond Langston 2064 2022-09-06 16:55:31
Alexandra Sudari-Kravchik 2121 2022-09-06 10:21:27
Ryoko Takato 2545 2022-09-05 16:52:34

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