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STO Lohlunat Festival 2021 – Floaters


Blessed Lohlunat!

It’s that time of the year again to celebrate the Lohlunat Festival on Risa. Star Trek Online’s Summer Event, the Lohlunat Festival is an annual tradition of sun, sand and fun. Various tasks to perform to get yourself a type of currency called Lohlunat tokens, which can be used to purchase various items from vendors all over the social zone. Special outfits, kit frames and modules, a type of jetpack called a floater, and hoverboards are all available to trade in during this time… and participation can also award you a free T6 ship. To encourage participation and togetherness, Bravo Fleet has some competitions to enhance the experience.

In the Floaters competition, the goal is to take a picture of your captain taking a leisurely fly at Risa. However, this is not your ordinary screen capture your captain contest, which we have never had within the Gaming Office. Of course it wouldn’t be that easy.

Not only do you have to fly and wearing your best beach attire you have obtained throughout the event, either by Lohlunat favors or by EC at the Exchange, but you have to be showing a bird flying in the background. They can be found randomly cruising around the map, usually around the forested areas.


  • Submit a screenshot of your captain using a floater on Risa
  • The captain must be wearing beach wear and in mid-air
  • The picture must contain one of the randomly flying Risian caracels on the map
  • Points will be granted for style, originality of pose and angle that you were able to get the shot at


User ID Date Entry
Eerke Yoss 2270 2021-07-22 12:36:20
Struan MacLeod 2197 2021-07-21 18:28:58

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