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The Klingon engineers of Qon’oS have taken a look at their designs for the B’rel and K’Vort birds-of-prey and realized that though their vessels have performed impeccably in the field for the last one hundred years, the time has come to design a bird-of-prey for the 25th century.

As a promising young Klingon engineer and shipwright yourself, it falls to you to propose the newest addition to the Klingon’s stellar arsenal


  • Submit your design for a brand-new Klingon bird-of-prey.
  • Your design may be submitted in any visual medium at any quality (so long as the image is clearly visible), be it hand-drawn, on MS Paint, photoshopped, or a 3D model.
  • You must clearly label the following major components on your bird-of prey: Warp nacelles, impulse drive, torpedo launchers, disruptor weapons, navigational deflector
  • Entries will be judged based on originality and creativity, and not on overall image quality.
  • All submissions should be submitted through the Enter Competition form.


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Aoife McKenzie 2231 2021-06-06 05:56:05

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