Timeline – Can you place the year that these events took place?

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“Prepare for the unknown by studying how others in the past have coped with the unforeseeable and the unpredictable.” ~George S. Patton

How well do you know our timeline, and when certain events took place?  Take this quiz and test your memory!

Screenshots of your results, including the timer, must be included with your submission.

Reference Material:

https://wiki.bravofleet.com/index.php?title=2360s 2360s

https://wiki.bravofleet.com/index.php?title=2370s 2370s

https://wiki.bravofleet.com/index.php?title=2380s 2380s


  • Screenshots will be submitted including the score and the timer.
  • The highest score will win, with the fastest responses winning in a tie-breaker.