USS Reliant (NCC-90200)

The USS Reliant is a ship with a history. Under the new command of Lieutenant Commander Kelvin Benedict Walker, and the former crew of the USS Kison. Its sole purpose is to explore and go where no one's gone before. This ship and its crew will join the front lines in upcoming events.


Reliant-class • NCC-90200 • Task Force 17

The USS Reliant is one of the ships with a great history. Even in 2400, this ship plays a major role in Starfleet. With well-established characters, a crew of Starfleet’s finest. Together they work together to face the final frontier. To explore and discover. To protect Starfleet in events to come.

Join the crew of the USS Reliant in an epic adventure, get to know the characters, and immerse yourself in the stories that will be told.

Crew Manifest

Name Position Rank
Commanding Officer
ID: 2571
Science Officer / First Officer
ID: 2571
Ship's Doctor
ID: 2571
Chief Engineer
ID: 2571
Tactical Officer
ID: 2571
Engineer / OPS
ID: 2571

Recent Stories

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7 March 2023

A Trip of High Worth

USS Reliant: Mission: Diplomatic Whales

Boral stretched his back after putting the last crate down. Gavin walked around the containers looking for something like a manifest or description of what was in the containers. “All right, that should be all,” Boral said as he straightened his uniform. Gavin gave his comm badge a tap, [...]

30 November 2022

A Crime They Didn't Commit

USS Reliant: The Start Of a New Adventure

Kelvin walks onto the bridge of the Kison, everything seems like another ordinary day of space exploration. Everyone is busy doing their own work. Dorav is calculating the probability of a space anomaly recurring in the sector they’re currently stationed in. Cerr assisted Dorav, Boral and [...]