USS Callisto (NCC-80109)

"What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others."--Pericles


Luna-class • NCC-80109 • Task Force 72



Named after the nymph Callisto, from Greek mythology, the USS Callisto was Starfleet’s new golden age of exploration.  A ship capable of handling any mission the Federation tossed at her while on deep exploration.  First commissioned June 5, 2372, the Callisto was outfitted and sent to assist in the growing conflict between Federation and Klingon forces.  That mission and most of the subsequent missions were deemed a complete failure.  Starfleet’s hopes returned to dry-dock severely damaged.

After the deaths of her three previous Commanding Officers, many in the Federation grew to consider Callisto a bad omen.  Earning the nickname the “career killer,” Callisto hasn’t seen service in almost four years due to heavy repairs.  Now in the year 2400, the Federation has once again pulled Callisto into service.   With a new Captain and an untested crew, they have been assigned to Starbase 72 in the Minos Korva System.   The Callisto sets forth to rebuild her name and resort her reputation.



Piotr Foxwell (2381-2385)

Fesoan ch’Voria (2385-2387)

Aanju Kad (2387-2395)

Crew Manifest