USS Venture (NCC-71854)

The USS Venture is a Galaxy-class deep space explorer going where no man has gone before. As part of her writing journey, she is also an experiment for a more structured story based on some of the campaigns of Star Trek Adventures.


Galaxy-class • NCC-71854 • Starbase Bravo

Welcome aboard the Federation starship Venture: a prominent member and stalwart of Starfleet’s exploratory arm. The Venture was created to be an experiment for more experienced writers to develop a more structured story based on some of the campaigns of Star Trek Adventures! The idea is that we’re writing our roleplay based on the given campaign, so while we may already know where we’re heading and what the end may or may not be, the fun is getting us to that point with all of the twists and turns to get there!

The Venture is assigned to the Fourth Fleet and is primarily responsible for deep space exploration and scientific discoveries throughout our galaxy. These missions include, but are not limited to: scientific discovery, first contact assignments, discovering new life and new civilizations, deep space incursions, and tactical assignments.

The Venture is also tasked with being a deep space support vessel for other, smaller deep space vessels. The Venture is of the Galaxy-class family which makes its size formidable and able to go years in deep space without having to return to space dock. Under normal operating conditions the Venture also only has to stop for resupply only once every couple of years which allows it to continue exploration in deep space unhindered.

Crew Manifest

Name Position Rank
Commanding Officer
ID: 1356
Executive Officer
ID: 908
Chief of Security
ID: 1318
Chief Science Officer
ID: 283
Chief Medical Officer
ID: 837
Open Position
Chief Helm Officer
Open Position
Chief Operations Officer
Open Position
Chief Engineer

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26 November 2021

Keeping Busy

USS Venture: Forests of the Night

Bringing the cup to his lips, Henry took a long sip of the  now lukewarm liquid. His favoured blend of herbal tea this morning was mango and pineapple with ginseng root. It was said to be focusing and today he could certainly use all the help he could get. Sleep had eluded him the past few days, [...]

24 November 2021

Reflections and Reactions

USS Venture: Forests of the Night

Vaelana had never served on a science or exploratory vessel before…in fact, for most of her previous career in the Galae Command’s Imperial Star Navy, she had actively avoided those posts as much as possible. In the old Romulan Star Empire such billets tended to be some of the most closely [...]

24 November 2021

Cutting Down On Exercize Time

USS Venture: Forests of the Night

Sparks flew as blade struck blade, providing brief flashes of illumination to the darkened hallway. The clanging sound echoed off of the long bulkhead walls, followed quickly by the aggregated shouts of war cries and sharp exhalations of breath set to the rhythm of the blows. The figures in [...]

24 November 2021

Where No One Has Gone Before

USS Venture: Forests of the Night

“Captain’s Log, stardate 76485.9 — we’ve been searching this sector of space for a while now and about three days ago astrometrics reported a new supernova, only about twenty years old, on long-range sensors. I’ve ordered us into a distant orbit around the neutron star it [...]