USS Nebula (NCC-60147)

The USS Nebula, the namesake of her class, has been in space for over 45 years and is now under the command of her tenth commanding officer. As the galaxy returns to exploration, will the Nebula be able to get out of its own way?


The USS Nebula, the namesake of her class, is an aging vessel. Over the years, her crew has experienced exploration, the horrors of the Dominion War, the rush to relocate millions of Romulans from an incoming supernova, and dark ages of the Synthetics ban. Throughout all of this, the USS Nebula has served the Federation with distinction.

Now under the Command of Captain Harris Hill, an experienced officer with limited leadership experience, the USS Nebula must put aside the obstacles in front of it to continue the mission of Starfleet: to bold go where no one has gone before!

USS Nebula



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