PLEASE NOTE: These listings represent in-character information only and do not reflect staff positions in the Bravo Fleet organization.

Commander Akiva ben-Avram

Akiva ("Kiv" to his close friends and family) is relatively tall and lithe for most Hebron colonialists. His dark Semitic features complement his melancholy demeanor. A career of hands-on work has kept him in peak physical form.
He has recently become a new father of a sort with the development of a "next-gen" synthetic android through bioneural circuitry and cutting-edge molecular cybernetics. Biynah, as he named her, has become like a daughter to him.

Played by wizardbeard

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Lieutenant Alana Castillo
Chief Medical Officer
USS Hypatia

Alana's passion for wanting to become a medical professional and a Starfleet officer came from when the starbase she was aboard as a child came under attack. Several of her classmates had been injured in an explosion, but thanks to her steady head and quick action, she saved the life of her best friend and helped keep others calm before Starfleet teams arrived to the scene. Throughout her career in the medical field, she showed the ability to remain calm in tough situations.

Played by trumpetmaster29

Lieutenant Junior Grade Alastair Hallewell

Played by ZacKuhns

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Alec

Played by Richard

Colonel Alete Strom

Alete Strom is the only Bre'Ellan currently serving anywhere in the Federation. She is a Colonel, currently serving aboard the mysterious Tau Lyrae Station where she and the rest of her people continue to keep the entire sector around the Betreka Nebula and the newly formed wormhole from falling into the wrong hands.

Played by Ensign Joshua Garrity

Alex Glathus

Alex is a Medical Officer in the Starfleet Marine Corps

Played by Drakur

Alex Ryan

Master Sergeant Alex Ryan most recently served as the Combat & Surveillance Technologies Team Leader, with the secondary duty of Chief of the Boat, onboard the USS Bellona. His background is primarily covert operations as well as intelligence and counter-intelligence. He was originally assigned as the TACOPS Delta Team Leader, but requested the transfer to Surveillance. After his assignment to the Bellona was completed, he was assigned to a new field intelligence unit stationed onboard the USS Ajax.

Played by Fallon

Lieutenant Commander Alexander Knight

Alexander 'Xander' Knight is a 20 year veteran of Starfleet and father of two teenagers. He served aboard the Federation flagship, fought on the front lines of the bloodiest war in Federations history, worked hard to gain his commission. He was a devoted husband and has been a loving father, especially since the death of his wife in 2383. A new chapter is opening up in his life now that his children are in high school and he has been reassigned once again of the Federation's Frontier, perhaps even a new beginning.

Played by Christopher Blake

Lieutenant Alexander Kolokotronis
Chief Operations Officer
USS Shanghai

Alexander Koloktronis is a Starfleet officer who currently serves aboard the USS Shanghai as her Chief Operations Officer. He's been an officer for 12 years, previously serving missions aboard the USS McKinley, USS Indianapolis, and the USS Perseus, serving as operations officer aboard all three ships. He attended the University of Athens prior to Starfleet, earning two degrees, in Political Science and Military Studies.

Played by teddyg123

Lieutenant Alexander Mitchell
Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Hypatia

Liueutenant Alexander Mitchell is a pilot recently assigned to the U.S.S. Hypatia as her Chief Flight Control Officer.

Played by Dave P

Commander Alexander Night

Alex is very much aware of his appearance, and is not afraid to use it to his pleasure or advantage (though the would take care, if at all possible for the other persons not to be harmed in the process). He's of a generally friendly disposition, always ready to flash a smile one's way, though as often as it is genuine, so often it is faked, though he has perfected the 'faking' skill over the years so only a few can tell when he's putting on a face. As he is an orphan, Alex very streetwise and and adaptable, and very aware of both his strengths and weaknesses. He's a calm, charming man, with a dry sense of humor.

Played by Kos

Captain Alexander Omec
Commanding Officer
USS Venture

Captain Alexander Omec is the current commanding officer of the Federation starship Venture. A veteran of deep space, long term exploratory missions throughout his career, Captain Omec has commanded the Venture for over 11 years, through two separate 5-year deep space assignments.

Played by teylasramar

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Commander Alexander Zandusky
Hawkeye Island

Alexander Ivanov Zandusky stands 6'1" tall and weighs approximately 180 pounds. He has blue eyes and his hair borders on brown and blonde. He works to keep in excellent physical condition and enjoys practicing the martial arts that he is familiar with. When he was in Starfleet Academy with his twin brother, Daniel, Alexander would regularly remark that he wanted nothing more than to command a ship. While he holds command as a possibility in the future, he finds Strategic Operations his passion. He was introduced to it in his 3rd year at Starfleet Academy, based on an assessment test for optimal vocation assignments, and hasn't looked back since.

Played by Sevlek

Lieutenant Alexandra Alves

Chief Medical Officer, USS Pandora

Played by Heyho

Commander Alexandra Harrison

Alex was on the USS Pegasus as the Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer then transferred to Starbase 400 and promoted to Chief Security/Tactical Officer. She eventually changed her position to Special Operations Group Executive Officer.

Played by Uey2

Captain Alice Griffin

Captain Alice Griffin is the current Commanding Officer of the USS Scorpio, before her current assignment she served as Commanding Officer of the USS Satie.

Played by Alexander

First Lieutenant Aliyah al-Basir
MACO Detachment Commander

Aliyah currently serves on NX-06 Endeavour as the MACO Detachment Commander.

Played by Thomas

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Captain Alvin Mitchell

Alvin Mitchell is the Commanding Officer of the USS Thurgood Marshall, a revolutionary ship designed to pursue and apprehend criminals of Starfleet and the Federation. With a long history in investigation, Alvin was an easy choice for the CO of the ship, and is tasked with keeping his crew at their best so as to fulfill their mandate.

Played by selocon

Lieutenant Commander Amanda Greystone
The Reliquary

Amanda is of average height for a human woman. Her soft brown hair falls down slightly past her shoulders to her ribs. She carries herself with a somewhat detached air: Not because she is aloof, but because she frequently has a lot on her mind. Her green eyes are typically focused on something just beyond or behind the person she's talking to or the monitor she's working on.

Amanda's style of command can best be called "relaxed." She does not take herself too seriously, and prefers to surround herself with officers and crew of the same caliber. She is confident in her abilities as a command line officer, and it shows in the way she converses with her crew.

Played by QuodEroSpero

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Lieutenant Amelia Wilson

Played by CaptainKarta

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