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Profile Overview

Soyer Rantis

Trill Male

Character Information






Soyer Rantis



A very capable Nurse, the starship Nighthawk is Rantis’ first posting after Academy graduation, and will serve as the transitional residency for this young officer as he completes his evolution from student to medical professional.


At a very young age, Soyer bore auditory witness to the murder/suicide of his parents at the hands of his father, who had been driven mad with rage and despair at having been disasterously hoodwinked into giving the entirety of his his considerable wealth to a con man — one after whom he had named his only son.

Soyer spent a long time in recovery and rehabilitation, and was raised, essentially by the intricate webbing of the welfare system of his home province on Trill.

As soon as he was able, he made a bid to leave the trill homeworld and bounced a wending way to Starfleet Academy, excelled in his courses and decided to move on to medical school.

Working away at this for three years, his matriculation was derailed by several professors who raised a marked concern about his ability to employ effective empathy during direct services up to and especially including surgery.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2317 - 2321 Student Starfleet Undergraduate Academy
Sophomore Cadet
2321 - 2323 Medical Student Starfleet Medical Academy
Junior Cadet
2323 - 2324 Nursing Student Starfleet Nursing School
Senior Cadet
2324 - Present Nursing Resident USS Nighthawk
Senior Cadet