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Profile Overview

Tim Parker

Human Male

Character Information






Commander Timothy Parker currently serves as the Executive Officer aboard the USS Magellan


Timothy is the youngest of three children born to an average family, yet his life was nowhere close to normal. His father was an ambassador of the Federation to the Andorian homeworld. Because of his father’s job, Tim’s family was always on the move from Earth to Andoria and back again every six months.

Tim quickly became used to his family’s lifestyle and felt that Starfleet’s busy lifestyle was perfect for him. His father disagreed. James believed that Tim should have to follow in the family’s footsteps (James’ father and his father were ambassadors). Despite the fact that his siblings were on their way to becoming ambassadors, Tim defied his father and applied to Starfleet Academy. Upon his acceptance to the Academy, Tim and his father stopped speaking to each other.

He initially found it difficult at the academy. He turned to his family for support, but could not find any from his father. Tim’s mother had some sympathy for him, but eventually turned her back on Tim as well. Tim learned to figure things out on his own, including his career. He graduated with honors from Starfleet Academy and was accepted aboard the USS Dreamweaver for his first official assignment.

Tim’s service aboard the Dreamweaver was exemplary, aside from a couple disputes with his fellow crewmates. Although these disputes were minor and ignored by his superiors, they became serious enough for Tim to start searching for a new post. He found one aboard the USS Valiant, one many levels above his current position. The transfer occurred literally overnight, and all of his problems were erased. His service record shows high aptitude during this post, and even earned a promotion. Service aboard the Valiant was not tiring, but enjoyable, yet Tim desired to find something in the leadership category. His search led him to the Assistant Chief Operations Officer position aboard the USS Polaris. After a few years there, and the decommissioning of the USS Polaris, Tim found himself reassigned to the USS Magellan bound for the Inconnu Expanse

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2377 - 2379 Operations Officer USS Dreamweaver
2379 - 2382 Operations Officer USS Valiant
2382 - 2386 Assistant Chief Operations Officer USS Polaris
2387 - 2389 Chief Operations Officer USS Polaris
2389 - 2389 Chief Operations Officer USS Polaris
2389 - Present Executive Officer USS Magellan