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Caitian Female

Character Information




Lieutenant Commander


M’Mira is a prima donna. She likes to be well dressed and have the finer things in life. Nothing will win her loyalty more than being spoiled and fawned over. However, her tastes can be fickle. She is fond of lengthy naps and newer flashy technology. However, she is fiercely loyal. She sees StarFleet as her greater clan and will not harm it at any cost. She also is exceptionally curious and often ignores warning signs of danger, choosing to explore instead. M’Mira also is materialistic and will often have a number of items that interested her at one point or another. Many are wasted because she becomes bored with them.


M’Mira was born to M’Rill and M’Trearr. M’Mira was the only girl in her litter. Being the smallest and only female of her litter, M’Mira was pampered and protected from her brothers. Her brothers also were taught to protect M’Mira.

Life was good to M’Mira. Her father, being a high level diplomat in the Federation always kept his family in a very pampered lifestyle. Any time that he went to another world, he would always bring a new trinket or M’Mira and his other children, as a token of his affection.
Although, M’Mira did not need to work, due to her parents’ positions in life, M’Mira parents instilled the value of hard work. After all, her parents reminded her that they would not be there forever. Furthermore, it was important that one be self-sufficient because if one was at the mercy of others, those others could take advantage of you.

Almost paradoxically, M’Rill taught M’Mira that her job as the sole female was to bring more cubs into the world. To do that, she would need to attract a worthy mate. This, she was taught, meant always looking her finest. According to M’Rill, men always went for a pretty face before intelligence. Having both, however, would make her an inescapable catch.

Though M’Mira had many suitors, she often bored of them quickly and discarded them before a serious relationship developed. Taking her parents advice, since she was on her own, she enlisted in Starfleet. Her grades varied greatly. When she was interested in the professor or the subject, her grades were very good. When the class held no interest, her grades suffered. Luckily, because there were so many subjects, she rarely found herself completely bored. Of course, she found that because she had diverse interests, she could not choose one particular field. Her strengths lay in science (particularly physics) and engineering. She graduated with honors in those subjects and later found that the operations division would be best suited for her.

Throughout her Starfleet career, because she easily bored, she never stayed in one place more than two years. Eventually, she decided that starships were all boring. There was nowhere to explore inside a “tin can.” She wanted to roam and prowl. So, when the opportunity came at Falton Station to rebuild the station, she pounced.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2378 - 2379 Science Officer USS Hood
2379 - 2380 Engineering Officer USS Belfast
2381 - 2383 Assistant Chief of Operations USS Lexington
2384 - 2385 Operations Chief USS Comet
2386 - 2387 Starfleet Academy Command School Starfleet Academy Command School
2387 - 2387 Chief of Operations/2XO USS Endeavor
2387 - 2388 Chief of Operations/2XO USS Hornet
2389 - Present Chief of Operations/2XO Faltan Station