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Human Male

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LT Musafir is currently assisgned as the Chief Operations Officer of the USS Proxima. This is his first assignment outside of Section 31.


On 01 July 2359, near the outskirts of Costa Rocosa (a settlement of the Europa Nova Colony), Ky El Musafir was born to Xulu and Kyanna. The Musafir Clan, which the very large family called themselves, were known to the colonists as outsiders or rebels to the Europa Nova Colony (ENC). This was because the Clan did not agree with the ENC’s continued rejection of joining the United Federation of Planets and extreme dislike to the Cardassians. Ky El and his family chose to be more accepting of other species because of the treat their family received generations prior on Earth in the Middle East/India. Their family motto was, “With Peace Brings Harmony”. The Musafirs didn’t believe that unfortunate events should lead to a lifetime of hatred.

Growing up, Ky El had to learn how to survive with very little means. Though very skilled laborers in armor and technology, his parents weren’t paid equally because of their sympathy towards the event with the Cardassians. This never upset his parents because some colonists of Costa Rocosa would still buy Musafir products over others. Xulu use to say, “Quality will always bring you fortune son and fortune is not always money.” With that said, once Ky El was old enough to enroll at the Starfleet Academy his parents sent him on a charter vessel to the Federation Jupiter Shipyards in 2375.

Once aboard the facility, Ky El’s skills in engineering around the shipyards did not go unnoticed. One of the officers of Starfleet’s Corps of Engineers, Lieutenant Commander Ralph Mugen, took special interest in Musafir and offered a sponsorship to the academy the same year, since Ky El Musafir was technically not a Federation citizen. Commander Mugen’s only request was that Ky El honored his family’s motto by helping Starfleet bring peace and harmony to the galaxy. Upon Ky El’s first attempt at the entrance exam for the Starfleet Academy, he passed with exceedingly high scores.

While attending the academy, in 2376, the Gateways Crisis had occurred on Europa. Unfortunately, Musafir’s family did not make it due to the high radiation Costa Rocosa received. One would think that an event like this would deter a young 17-year-old cadet, but this was not the case. Ky El was even more motivated now, as a refugee, to uphold his family’s motto. Excelling at combat arms, combat strategy, engineering, and leadership Musafir was enrolled into the Academy’s famed Red Squad.

The fellow cadets and instructors were extremely hard on him because many of his peers had returned from the Dominion War and many Red Squad members died while serving on the USS Valiant. (The USS Valiant was originally a training ship for Red Squad before being transferred to active status during the Dominion War).

In 2378 the starship USS Voyager returned from its voyages in the Delta Quadrant. As Ky El began to hear of the stories Voyager encountered he changed his major. Upon completion of The Academy in 2379, with a degree in Advanced Theoretical Physics and several combat certifications, Ky was recruited into Section 31 as an Ensign. From 2379 to 2389 Ky El Musafir’s service record was redacted. For reasons unknown Musafir left Section 31 and began an assignment as an operations officer with Starfleet Command.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2375 - 2376 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2376 - 2377 Cadet Starfleet Academy, Red Squad
2377 - 2378 Cadet Starfleet Academy, Red Squad
2378 - 2379 Cadet Starfleet Academy, Red Squad
2379 - 2389 Section 31 Unknown
2389 - Present Starfleet Command Unassigned Operations Officer
2389 - Present Chief Operations Officer USS Proxima