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Elimmerre Shadowhand

Human Female

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Lt Elimmerre Shadowhand serves as Chief Counselor, having just finished her psychiatry residency and being cleared for duty.


Elimmerre was born, that much she knows. She never knew her birth parents, instead finding herself at an orphanage as long as she can remember. The women running the orphanage told her later that she had been only a few days old when she was dropped off, and the one dropping her off wasn’t her actual parent.

Elimmerre groomed herself as much as possible for adoption, but she didn’t quite fit in. She was headstrong in most cases, but she had a flighty nature that couldn’t be denied. She tended to flit from thing to thing, almost indicative of attention issues, but she could remain focused on a single task if required. She considered herself to be a big sister to the other girls, and as such never really had the child-like nature that most parents looked for in an adopted child.

Once she grew old enough, she joined the Starfleet Marines Corps. She studied medicine insofar as was necessary to be considered a field medic. She was frequently tapped to work as a nurse on missions where they were shorthanded, so she eventually applied for her nursing license as well.

After witnessing the deaths of too many of her fellows, however, she couldn’t take it anymore. She had a breakdown, finding herself crying in a bunkhouse with no memory of how she got there. She was taken and treated for her mental disorders. The doctors, far from considering her crazy, supported and nurtured her through her tough times.

Elimmerre realized as she went through her treatment that she had found her true calling. She wanted to help others as she had been helped, and she felt that she could relate to the problems that her hopefully soon to be patients would face by having been there before in so many cases. She retrained, joining Starfleet proper as a psychiatrist and counselor.