Lieutenant Ariana Monroe

This is Ariana’s first assignment since the death of her husband. She had promised him that she would carry on with her life and is currently pregnant with the child she & her husband Jonathon had wanted.


Ariana was born aboard a starship, part of an a-typical Starfleet family she was raised aboard various starships and starbases but also spent a lot of time in Federation medical facilities due to the stresses and strains of having her Betazoid mental abilities already ‘switched on’

Being the younger of two children Ariana chose to follow in the footsteps of her parents and older brother and join Starfleet, enrolling at the academy at the age of 15 she found it a struggle to start but soon found her footing and came to be a talented and well liked student.

Specialising in Counselling and Operations Management Ariana flew through her classes and graduated with honours. As part of her Counselling training she also had placements at Starfleet medical and aboard several starships during her time as a cadet.

It was during her time aboard the USS Saratoga that Ariana met & fell in love with her future husband, after a whirlwind romance they married only to be torn apart just short of 4 years later by an explosion which almost killed Ariana as well. Her husband Jonathon was given months to live so Ariana took compassionate leave to be with him, in the end he managed to survive just short of a year the two of them celebrating the news that Ariana was pregnant just a month before his death. Taking a further month to gather her thoughts and feelings Ariana decided to take an assignment and continue with her career as Jonathon would have wanted.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Counsellor’s AideUSS Nimitz
CounsellorUSS Wildcat
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Assistant CounsellorUSS Saratoga
Chief CounsellorStarbase 400