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Profile Overview

Syhlev Th'kalsrirh

Aenar Male

Character Information


Lieutenant Junior Grade


Syhlev Th'kalsrirh



Syhlev was recently requested to transfer to the U.S.S. Devonshire as Chief Operations Officer. He is a serious, quiet and dutiful Aenar, letting nothing stop him from doing his duty. Alongside him is his four-year-old Aenar/Andorian Hybrid, due to his three spouses not having room for him on their busy jobs.


Syhlev was born on the arctic tundra moon of Andoria, in the northern peaks where most of the Aenar lived. He was born after a union of his four parents, who rarely truly saw each other at the same time. It rarely happened because two of his parents were constantly off-world, being pretty much polar opposites of the two parents who stayed on Andoria. Soon after Syhlev was born, his Thavan was killed while on duty in Starfleet.

This eventually led to Syhlev’s increased interest in becoming a Starfleet officer. While his surviving parents really did not want him to, he decided to charge on, studying his hardest to be ready and apply to Starfleet when of age. He often traveled to other cities on Andoria to apprentice under master engineers and other mechanical-type job personnel to hone his skills. He continued this well into his teenage years, rarely making any friends or companions. In his free time, he either spent it with his family or studied the federation history and other aspects of it. He wanted to know everything that he may be asked.

When of age, he instantly applied and took the test to get into the academy. Amazingly, he got in during his first time. His main courses involved engineering among other systems required to become an Operations officer. He also took secondary diplomatic classes. For the next four years, he focused solely on his classes, once again not becoming true friends with anyone.

After graduating, he was assigned as an Operations Officer to the science vessel known as the U.S.S. Jericho. For six years he worked on the USS Jericho, surveying ships around Federation space and more. He quickly became one of the top Operations officer under his the head of the department, an older tellarite man. During one mission, a rogue orion ship attacked the Jericho. They survived, but dozens died, including the Chief Operations Officer. Syhlev was forced stepped up to organize and help fix the damaged systems. For his quick actions and leadership qualities, he was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. Despite what he did, they brought in a new crewmember to become Chief Operations Officer.

In 2389, years after the incident, he was requested to join the crew of the U.S.S. Devonshire as Chief Operations Officer, being remembered how well he was directing his crewmembers in Operations during a crisis.