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Taylor Lucas

Human Male

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Born in Edinburgh to a pair of civilian doctors Taylor Lucas was a child without a rudder. As the middle child he often felt like he was stuck between his brother and sister. As such Taylor was left to his own actives growing up. Taylor attended Cairo Academy for primary and secondary education and attained rather impressive grades, especially in the sciences. His attention to detail and thirst for knowledge drove him into seeking out every academic opportunity he could during his young life. He also wanted adventure.

His older brother, Ryan, had joined the Starfleet Marine Corps. Starfleet was often a good place to go and get some experience in life. Taylor had the initial grades to take whatever course he could in the Academy. Despite these advantages he followed his idolised older sibling into the SFMC. His qualifications gave him access to the officer graduate school and after four years of grueling physical training, tactical lessons, stratagem lessons and practical applications thereof he was given a commission as a second lieutenant and assigned to a battalion.

Taylor’s career was a series of ebbs and flows; from chasing down pirates along the edges of Federation space to providing heavy security during mass humanitarian efforts he was allowed to see the full length of a marine’s spectrum of skills. Every little brush fire or operation that involved helping fix the damage of the Cardassian-Federation War gave him a chance to prove to his superiors that he had what it took and by the time he was twenty five years old he was a first lieutenant and a skilled officer to boot.

The lull between that and the Dominion War was once more filled with idle duties. Taylor was given command of a small marine command on board the USS Rutherford which once more saw him going up against pirates and Orion raiders. Most of his combat was dealing with the dregs of the galactic community. It was a combination of tedium and excitement that annoyed Taylor who was looking for more action in the field and thus he signed up for Marine Recon training hoping that it would give him a chance to see more action; just in time for the Dominion War.

Taylor’s experience with the Dominion War was that it was unlike anything he had experienced before. It was one thing to read about the carnage of war but another to witness it. Time and time again Taylor fought the Cardassians, Jem’Hadar and later the Breen across a dozen worlds for two years narrowly coming close to death each time. When the war finally came to an end he was assigned to assisting with the rebuilding efforts of the bloodiest war to date.

He grew tired with it all. A need to see what it was like outside the uniform and so on 2384 he retired and traveled on a civilian freighter, the SS Happenstance its security chief. Yet he yearned for the camaraderie and purpose of being a marine and so returned to Earth with a request to be reinstated.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2355 - 2356 Cadet Marine Officer Cadet
2356 - 2357 Cadet Marine Officer Cadet
2357 - 2358 Cadet Marine Officer Cadet
2358 - 2359 Cadet Marine Officer Cadet
2359 - 2362 Marine Platoon CO 1st Battalion, 82nd Regiment
2362 - 2365 Marine Platoon CO 1st Battalion, 82nd Regiment
2365 - 2372 Marine Commanding Officer USS Rutherford
2372 - 2374 Marine Platoon CO 1st Marine Recon
2374 - 2380 Marine Company CO 1st Marine Recon
2380 - 2384 Executive Officer 82nd Regiment
2384 - 2389 Security Chief USS Happenstance