Profile Overview

John Jay Sheppard

Human Male

Character Description

John Sheppard was born into a family with a loving father; Julius Sheppard and mother; Emily Rose Sheppard. Emily had no ambitions beyond being a loving wife and mother, she spent her day’s caring for her son and the family home. John’s father on the other hand was a flag officer in Starfleet, in command of a deep space cruiser. The regret that both parents shared in, was how seldom Julius got to spend with his wife and their only son.

John’s mother did most of the raising of their son with Julius occasionally sending support back via subspace communiqué and even rarer visits home. John had always showed an interest for space and spacecraft which his mother had indulged him in since he was a newborn by giving him Space and Starfleet related toys, telling him stories from his father’s personal logs which he transmitted back home routinely. It was Emily’s and John’s favorite activity since it was a way to let them join Julius in deep space.

As John grew and began to attend school, his ambitions to go into space join Starfleet grew as well. He would continue the rest of his life to do well academically and socialize only ocassionally until his dream to become a Starfleet officer was realized. This dedication to study meant that John never really developed any lasting relationships and still to this day struggles to make friends as he routinely forgoes events and social gatherings in favor of study in various fields.

He was overall a good kid whom regretted any difficulty he put upon his mother. As he approached his teens and went through adolescence another ambition surfaced. One that would propel John to his career field later on; Speed… John loved to go fast, that coupled with his love of space meant there was little surprise what career path he would take when he finally joined Starfleet.

While attending Starfleet Academy, news came that his father’s ship was lost… No word of what happened and no sign of the ship or debris it was missing in action. The news hit John pretty hard but after enough leave time at home grieving with his mother he returned galvanized with a new commitment of finding out what happened to his father and his ship as a addendum to his earlier plans.

Starfleet Academy
Year One
– Introduction to Star-Fed
– Starfleet History = A
– Federation Constitution = A
– General Orders and Star-Fed policies = A+

Year Two
– Introduction to Ship and Base Operations = A
– Advanced Technologies = B-
– Starfleet Chain of Command = A+
– Proper Conduct = A+
– Introduction to Xenobiology = C+

Year Three
– Advanced Tech R2 = A
– Advanced Xenobiology = D
– Diplomacy = B+
– Advanced Ship and Base Operations R2 = A-
Year Four
-Introduction to Simulators = A+
-Assignment to Simulators
Helm: A+
Science: D
Tactical: B
Engineering: A
Operations: A+

=/\=EACH TOUR 6 Months=/\=

Assigned to USS Putnam
First Tour: Auxiliary craft technician
Second Tour: Aux Craft Pilot
Third Tour: Promotion to Lieutenant JG – LCARs Analyst
Fourth Tour: Leave for Tertiary Training in LCARs Systems

Assigned to USS Liberty
Fifth Tour: Promotion to Lieutenant based on Qualification – Senior LCARs Analyst
Sixth Tour: Bridge Officer, Flight Control Officer
Seventh Tour: Asst Flight Control Officer
Eighth Tour: Transferred based on loss of vessel

Character Summary

John is the Chief of Flight aboard the USS Nogura. He is an ornery individual whose regular social interaction is left wanting but his piloting skills are among the best and his spacial awareness regularly on point. John is discovering that being in charge is more than being right all the time and getting the job done. He's learning how to administrate and connect with his peers and subordinates as he learns to become a better officer requires becoming a better and more sympathetic person.

Current Assignment