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De’Wolfie is a Lieutenant in Starfleet whom has had a run of bad luck with his assignments. Never doing much more than Administrative duties, He was almost ready to leave Starfleet but an old mentor’s guidance rekindled his passion for the fleet and convinced him his administrative abilities might best be used to help the next generation of Starfleet Officers and tutor them as Cadets at the new Starfleet Academy located on Bajor.


Born on Earth, in San-Francisco. Eric is the son of Jaque and Isis De’wolfie. From an early age Eric became aware of his extra-sensory ability, hearing the thoughts of those around him as soft whispers, which he could easily tune out as white noise.

It wasn’t until the age of 6 standard Earth years, that those whispers were much more prominent and unable to be silenced. While he lay in bed one night, thunderous voices began raging through his mind, voices so loud that he could swear they were damaging his ears physically, thousands upon thousands of external thoughts streamed into his mind as a torrent so powerful that his own thoughts were made inaudible.

Jaque was lost about what was happening to his son but Isis was well aware of how some of her people’s telepathic powers could mature differently . Trying her best to help her son, she employed all her skill and knowledge to try and desensitize him with her own telepathic abilities but it was futile; upon being cast out from her son’s mind violently by the raging storm of thoughts, she realized the severity of her son’s situation and contacted her homeworld, and began communicating with her estranged mother again.

Isis swallowed her pride for the sake of her child. This was now easy for Isis had long ago turned her back on her family and their traditions, all for her love with Jaque. Her family had strongly disapproved of her union with Jaque whom was a Human of Earth and not a Betazoid which lowered their standing in the houses of Betazed, they even went so far as to take her family name from her to hide their shame from their peers. Isis suffered several long and humiliating discussions with her mother but she finally convinced her to take Eric into her home on Betazed, Hopefully there he could attend a special “Mindschool” on Betazed which specialized in dealing with such afflictions, attempting to teach superior control of telepathic abilities to the youths there.

Eric knew nothing but pain as he stood outside the facility on Betazed,. The pain was worse than that he experienced on Earth. Almost all Betazoids used Telepathy to communicate with one another, which in Eric’s mind was like an amplified version of the torrent of thoughts he experienced back on Earth, attacks that were even louder than a person’s non-communicated private thoughts.

During his time at the mind school he learned much about science and Federation technology and found he had a natural talent for team based projects for which he would often be made the leader. He also grew fond of hearing about Starfleet and focused on any news about it. Growing more and more interested in the Federation’s Starfleet as he grew.

It was not until the age of 19, after dedicated practice and regular medication that he would have the mental disciplines needed to silence the voices, he was given a medication to help him keep his abilities at bay and he was finally and be able to return to Earth. Upon his arrival their he immediately signed for the enlisted officer’s program.

While serving aboard the USS Wichita he was decorated for going above and beyond the call of duty several times, it was noted he had keen leadership abilities and had a knack for managing most tasks methodically, giving the ship efficient organization where it was needed most. In light of this his CO was highly impressed that a person with no former Fleet Academy training could handle Command like tasks so well and felt De’Wolfie had done himself a disservice by not going for a commission.
After one year of service, at the request of the Commanding Officer of the Wichita; a rather prestigious officer and vessel, he was removed from the enlisted rank and given a full scholarship into Starfleet Academy at the hope he would become a commissioned officer and a great addition to Starfleet.

During his time aboard the Witchita, De’Wolfie had become romantically involved with another officer, Yvonne Stokes; a Human junior medical officer whom first took interest in him for his medical condition and later found in him her best friend.

While at the Academy, Eric’s talents served him well. His talent for organization ensured all his studies were attended to, awarding him high marks in logistics courses and engineering though average achievements in Turn-of-the-Millennium Technology, Tactical Analysis, Statistical Mechanics, Transporter Theory, Earth History, Basic Warp Design. He realised that all these skills would be ideal for Engineering. But De’Wolfie disliked the idea of constantly working on warp core calibrations and doing manifold maintenance.

He was quite social at the Academy, going to parties, hanging out with classmates but oddly enough no real friendships formed and as a result never interfered with his studies. He managed to keep up a long distance relationship with Yvonne and as such never pursued any other romantic opportunities. A merit was awarded to him for exemplary conduct during his training cruise aboard the USS Lafayette. Shortly after the Lafayette’s training cruise, he and his class graduated the academy.

Upon commission to Ensign the Commanding Officer of the Wichita, whom had watched De’Wolfie’s career with promise, requested he be transferred to that vessel. During his time aboard the Wichita, he continued his relationship with Yvonne and the two married and welcomed aboard their daughter Mikayla De’Wolfie.

He then served for 2 years in many different departments and positions, most note worthy being a short stint as Head of Operations to which he gained an affinity for. After a rather unspectacular tour of service aboard the Wichita, he was awarded the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade upon this commission he was transferred to another station. Yvonne wanting to go with him and focus on caring for Mikayla, had decided to retire from her career and join him.

He was transferred to Mission Operations and Executive Operations for Starbase Nu Cappa V. His tour there was under the direct command a tutelage of Bruce Banner the CO of the station. De’Wolfie would have to maintain all operations aboard the station and coordinate all departments including all tactical and security wings as the CO did not personally enjoy dealing with those mundane tasks and instead would more often than not, join the science division for various experiments and projects.

Despite his CO’s propensity for neglect, the station ran smoothly but the non-hands on approach from his commanding officer did not sit well with De’Wolfie and after a year he requested a transfer, but was denied and instead given the rank of Lieutenant and advised he was required to stay there for two years as no replacement was available.

After this two year period ended he was called back to Earth and given a desk job as adjutant to Admiral Cornwall. His family moved with him again.

In their first year on Earth, Yvonne was involved in a Transporter accident; during a visit to her relatives the transporter lost the data for her bio-pattern and the buffers were unable to re-establish her pattern. Mikayla was part of the same transport but luckily no harm came to her and she transported successfully.

An explanation as to how this happened was given as, that the Heisenberg compensators on that individual transporter pad had failed and as such super position degraded her pattern to nothing. This took a heavy toll on Eric and after Four more uneventful years of service to another CO that liked to dodge their duties, he felt the need to leave Starfleet.

Word of these events reached the Captain of the Wichita whom felt for Eric and his former officer Yvonne, he felt it was such a waste of good talent and decided to intervene.

The Captain from the Wichita met with him and helped explain to him the possible choices he had for moving forward. De’Wolfie took another year to decide what he wanted and formulated the path to what he believed might lead to a command in his future and chose an offered Commission to Lieutenant Commander in return for a tenure at the new Starfleet Academy campus on Bajor.

He took the offer and brought Mikayla with him.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2374 - 2375 Crewman USS Whichita
2375 - 2376 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2376 - 2377 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2377 - 2378 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2378 - 2379 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2379 - 2379 Flight Officer USS Whichita
2379 - 2379 Tactical Officer USS Whichita
2380 - 2380 Engineering Officer USS Whichita
2380 - 2380 Chief Operations Officer USS Whichita
2383 - 2384 Executive Officer SB 911 Nu Cappa V
2383 - 2385 Executive Officer SB 911 Nu Cappa V
2385 - 2389 Admiral's Adjutant - Earth Starfleet HeadQuarters - Earth
2389 - Present Command Instructor Starfleet Academy Bajor Campus