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Bajoran/Betazoid Female

Character Information




Cadet Freshman Grade


Born on Bajor, her father moved them to Betazed when she was very young after her mother died. She really has no family left on Bajor, but her father’s family on Betazed took her in wholeheartedly. She has always had an affinity for design and engineering, and she has decided to pursue this career in Starfleet.


Born just around the end of the Occupation, or just after it, Teryn was taken by her father to live on Betazed since all of her family on Bajor were deceased. He believed that a child should be surrounded by loving family, no matter where they were born, and so he ensured this by taking her to live with his family.

She grew up learning the ways of Betazed. Her father also taught her what he could of Bajoran traditions as he had learned them from her mother, though he was not fully versed. In her Betazoid studies, however, she quickly found that she could not keep up with the other Betazoid children when it came to the psionic studies involving their Telepathy as she had only inherited the Empathy. She took this as a challenge and honed her other skills, areas she was stronger in, becoming the top of her classes in things like Mechanics and Design and Holo-Simulations. Some of her designs even made it to the desk of a Starfleet admiral, and when she was of age, he sponsored her to the Academy.

There was one glitch, for her father more than for her. The Academy campus was on Bajor. So while she is half born of this world, it is as alien to her in many ways as it is to everyone else.