Profile Overview

Tristan Daniels

Human Male

Character Description

Tristan, his brother Andrew and sister Michelle were born on Tycho City of Earth’s Moon. Their father was Administrator of the Sol Settlement Foundation who oversaw suitable housing for out-of-system immigrants to the System. He often traveled between several of the star bases, colonies on Mars and Earth cities but opted to leave his family at home on Tychos Citcy with their Mother Julia.
Julia was a caring woman who found more time for her green house than her children. Tristan often joked that she thought of them as one of her plants more than a real child.

Tristan was the oldest of the three, and while away, his father put the pressure of the family on him to make something of himself. This aggressive push often left Tristran frustrated and while he obliged, it left him with an ‘unhurried’ attitude through life. His father was stressed, with no time for his family or things that allowed him to enjoy himself. Tristan vowed to do what was requested of him, but at his own pace and his alone.

Character Summary

Tristan is an easy going individual that often has been described as having a 'lazy' attitude towards life but is misconstrued with his personal beliefs that having a care-free attitude is far more important to life than with stress and anxiety of day-to-day life. Tristan cares a great deal of personal relationships with colleagues, as long they can understand his "laissez faire" character. Lieutenant Commander Tristan Daniels currently serves as Executive Officer on the USS Excaliber

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