Lieutenant Krysia Kaleri-Smith

Krysia began her career aboard the Pandora as the Chief Operations Officer, she has since been transferred to Chief Counsellor. She also has the secondary post of ship’s Archaeologist and Anthropologist. Krysia is married to Lieutenant James Smith the Pandora's Chief Intelligence Officer and is currently pregnant with twins.


Krysia was born on Drax in 2356, her mother had been part of an ambassadorial group aboard the USS Maiden the starship commanded by Andrew Nash when she had fallen in love with him unfortunately her empathic and telepathic abilities made too much of a connection to Andrew and the two of them spent an unintentional night together. Krysia’s mother decided not to contact Starfleet to inform Andrew that she was pregnant with his child and several months later gave birth to Krysia.

Raised on Drax Prime Krysia was learned from an early age to control her telepathic and empathic abilities, being the only half-breed of her kind she is somewhat an unknown to her people & their concern has always been how well she would be able to control her abilities, so much so she was offered a neural implant to help with control but she turned it down preferring to be herself rather than a ‘muted’ version as she tends to think of it. The nearest comparison to a Drax would be a Betazoid but more powerful. She was always a hard working student and worked hard as even at an early age she wanted to join the Academy on Drax where talented students went on to do bigger and brighter things. It was only once she was old enough that her mother decided to tell Krysia about her father being Human, learning this she set out to find out as much as she could.

Deciding she wanted to know more about her father & his life she researched what she could through Ambassadorial channels before applying for Starfleet Academy and was surprised to be accepted.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Archaeologist/AnthropologistUSS Saratoga
Operations OfficerUSS Phobos
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Assistant Operations OfficerUSS Adelaide
Chief CounsellorUSS Pandora