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Profile Overview

Harry Stevens

Human Male

Character Information


USS Asger


Lieutenant Junior Grade


Harry was born to Liz and James Stevens in 2362 in Basildon, England. Without  His father being around much due to being a starship Captain,  his Mother was left to raise him on her own and with the shop that she ran, it was hard for them both. When he started school, Harry did not make friends easily.  


During his school years, Harry had been good at sports including Archery and Table Tennis. He found that he favoured Archery the most. To attain an archery grade, Harry had to compete in three rounds of archery and attain decent scores. He excelled at the contest and finished second in the group.  He mainly stayed on his studying to achieve a higher grade and helping his mother who ran a local florist Shop.  whilst his grades remained at the average for his age.  Whilst in school his grades were mostly Low A’s and B’s.  He also had a good student record for being on time for his classes.  He even excelled in computer science and mathematics. 


At 15, Harry’s interest in school dropped, and as did his grades. It was during that time he developed an interest in the opposite sex, after one of the school’s netball matches that Harry went to see the team play, He noticed that the leader started to give him special attention, her name was Kerry Allen. With his grades falling and his instructors noticing the change as well as his parents, one of which his father who now had returned from duty and now had left Starfleet, started to wonder the cause of the change.  Shortly after they had passed their high school exams, Harry took Kerry to a pub.


After his folks arrived to pick him up, his parents suspected Kerry of being the main cause of the problem and forbade him to see her further. This he did not like much as he tried to tell them that it was his choice of whom he saw, however, It was agreed between the four of them that as a Compromise He was allowed to see Kerry on the weekends at the Mall and not the Pub, Leaving him to study on the weekdays so that he would have a career in Starfleet and become a proud man. Despite Harry’s misgivings about this arrangement, he considered the Options and went along with the plan.


For his sixteenth birthday, Harry was given flight lessons which his father thought that skills would be of benefit to him in the academy and thanked his parents for the present and started to attend the flying school.  Within six months Harry had passed his flying certificate which he knew would help him in the Academy.

During the following year at the school’s sixth form, He took courses in Advanced Mathematics. This was to help to improve his chances of acceptance when applied for Starfleet. When he reached his 18th birthday to his great relief, he was accepted into Starfleet Academy and his parents applauded him for his improvements.


While at the Academy, Harry struggled with his Intro to Criminal Investigations class.  He found that he had to obtain some help from a fellow cadet.  The Cadet in question was Tonya Clements who sat with him going over the course material, However, during a night out at a bar Kerry who had found a job in a bar near the Academy had contacted Harry.   To him, it seemed that Kerry was following him for some reason and didn’t think any more about it and just put it down to the fact that it was a job. He also had competed for the Academy in archery winning some tournaments.


Harry soon found himself in strife with his instructors; they had noticed that he was not achieving what they knew he could do.  Because of this, He had been spending more time with Kerry than he was studying. After a couple of months, his grades had begun to slip again, realizing this Harry told Kerry that he needed time to study. To which she agreed as she remembered what had happened the last time this happened. Sometime after separating from Kerry his grades started to rise,  Which his instructors began to notice the improvement in their classes.


After he graduated From Starfleet Academy, His class decided to celebrate their graduation during the evening Celebrations Harry drank too much and woke up in bed the following morning with one of his female classmates named Tonya Clements.  Who had helped him in the past, feeling embarrassed about this he apologized to the young woman, For Harry, this was a painful experience and it reminded him why he had decided to stop drinking. Shortly after that incident, Harry received his assignment on the galaxy class Starship the  USS Bismarck-C.


During his first tour on the Bismarck-C, Harry had learned that his old flame Kerry Allen had arrived aboard the Bismarck, she gained a job in the ship’s Ten Forward. She now continues to be a thorn in his side, especially now that he is now dating Marine Captain Song.  After meeting the Marine Captain, Kerry showed the officer the same ring she now wears on her ring finger as an engagement ring. This started to cause friction between Harry and the Marine and including Kerry. After one such fight between the two ladies, it took Harry and another Security Officer to separate them. Having learned of this, Bismarck’s Captain John Rhinehart decided that in the best interests of the ship and crew that both of them should be split up and that they be reassigned to different ships, leaving Kerry in the dark.


Thus Harry was reassigned to the Sovereign-class USS Cavalry as one of the Flight control Officers, although he enjoyed the ship and the piloting of a vessel of this size, he missed the day to day routine of being a Security officer and even the chance to going on away missions, it wasn’t until 2392 when the chance once more to be a Security Officer upon the USS Asger that he took it with both hands.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2389 - 2389 Assistant Chief Security/Tactical USS Hawaii
2389 - 2389 Chief Security/Tactical USS Hawaii