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Profile Overview

Alex Lupulo

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Lupulo


Chief Operations Officer
USS Ahwahnee


Alexander James Lupulo

October 12th, 2357

New York, Earth


Cocky, outspoken and unambitious, Alex Lupulo could easily be on the command track if he could watch his mouth.


Alex is tall and thin, with an almost permanent five o’clock shadow. He doesn’t take much pride in his appearance. He eats to live, occasionally forgetting to do so entirely, giving his skin a sallow, unhealthy complexion.


If Alex thinks you’re wrong, you’re going to know about it quickly no matter your rank. This has gotten him into hot water on more than a few occasions. Alex is principled, with a clear sense of right and wrong. Once he has decided on a course of action, he is unshakeable. If you’re among the few he considers friends, his loyalty has few limits.


Born in New York, Alex still retains the hurried, sometimes abrasive mannerisms of life in the Big Apple. Excelling at school, Alex was a rebellious student who often played truant, much to the consternation of teachers and lecturers who tried to convince him of his potential. Finally listening to them, he was admitted to Starfleet Academy in 2375. Graduating from the operations stream, Alex had been constantly reminded of the vast logistics and supply challenges facing the Federation as it continued its climb out of the smoking crater left behind by the Dominion War. It was a cause he could throw himself behind, and in 2379 he found himself assigned to Starbase 439 in the Allendi Sector. Over the next six years, he witnessed the revitalisation of surrounding systems, cultures and trade routes that began to flourish once more. A starship assignment awaited him next aboard the USS Rutledge. It was here that Alex developed a combative reputation amongst senior officers. Nevertheless, his experience and attention to detail in running starship operations was recognised with a promotion to full Lieutenant in 2388. Fully believing his career to be dead, it was to Alex’s great surprise in 2391 that he was offered a transfer the USS Ahwahnee as Chief Operations Officer along with promotion to Lieutenant Commander.