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Profile Overview


Joined Trill Nonbinary

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Kaalir


USS Cardiff


Kaalir and her siblings grew up in a loving, if strict household. It was her parents’ dream and ambition that Kaalir and her brother and sister become joined. While Zenka and Kaalir both succeeded, Rig never wanted to be joined, much to his parents’ vast disappointment. This has caused no little strife in the family, with Zenka siding with their parents’ desires and Kaalir siding with her brother’s freedom of choice.

Kaalir’s love of xenoanthropology and xenoethnography blossomed out of a stay on Kastu Prime and interacting with the natives, immersing herself in the culture. To her family’s chagrin, Kaalir joined Starfleet for the chance to learn and explore. And secretly, to feel like she belonged somewhere, and valued for herself.



Sex: female

Gender: non-binary

Species: Joined Trill

Age: 35

Height: 5’5′”

Weight: 156 lbs

Hair colour: dark brown

Eye colour: brown

Typical Trill appearance. She has dark skin, and her spots show reddish-brown.


Overview: Kaalir has a friendly, open demeanor. She can get along with just about anyone. Enjoys reading. Learned staff and spear fighting for fun.

Strengths and flaws: empathy, curiosity

Ambitions: to spend time observing an uncontacted culture, to be part of a first contact mission.

Hobbies/Interests: reading, xenoanthropology, staff/ spear fighting, rock climbing


Dame: Anil

Sire: Tokal

Siblings: Zenka Anja (sister, older, joined), Rig (brother, younger

Significant Other: n/a

Children: n/a

Other:  //to be completed//

Following graduation from Starfleet, she served on the USS Cantu for two years, before being transferred to the USS Farrell. She served six years on the Farrell as a junior science officer specialising in xenoanthropology. Promoted to Lieutenant and transferred to the USS Tianshai, where she honed a specialisation in xenoethnography Two years later, moved to the USS Cardiff.