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Profile Overview

Papahi Tupou

Human Female

Character Information




Papahi Lei Fifita Tupou



A pleasant, if somewhat proper young woman (at least while on duty or in the company of strangers), Papahi combines professionalism with pragmatism, and is able to complement her practical knowledge with theoretical innovation.


Papahi is the fourth child and only daughter of the current king of Tonga, a title that, like most (if not all) remaining positions of nobility on Earth, hold only cultural value. The current king of Tonga, however, is known to be close friends with the current Tellarite ambassador to Earth, and has served in a semi-official status from time to time in the Federation’s Diplomatic Corps.

As is customary for the daughters of Tongan royalty, Papahi attended Gracie’s School for Young Ladies in Auckland, New Zealand, where she conducted herself as a young lady (more or less). Papahi would attend Gracie’s from the age of five until eighteen, returning to Tonga for Christmas and other holiday breaks.

On her tenth birthday, Papahi had her first visit to the historical Skyline Queenstown luge track, and fell in love with the sport, both the dry and icy versions. Young ladies at Gracie’s were also expected to partcipate in other sports, which Papahi did, and even captained her volleyball tem in her junior and senior year, but the luge was her first love.

By age fourteen, Papahi had shown a propensity for mathematics and physics and, as was the custom at Gracie’s with talented students, arrangements were made for Papahi to take classes at the nearby University of Auckland. When she graduated Gracie’s at age eighteen, she also earned her bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics at Auckland.

Papahi’s initial plan upon entering the Academy was to focus strictly on her academics, putting everything else to the side. And to this end, she did exceed, graduating with honor on the engineering track. It was the forceful intervention of an upperclassmen by the name of Fenella Steward (who would later be Papahi’s superior on the Fram). Fenella made sure that plepe Papahi got involved in any and all Academy sports and traditions that Papahi might show an inkling of competence in. One of the results of this program was Papahi being a member of the Academy’s Parrises Squares team in her senior year.

Papahi’s first two years of active service on the Hawaiʻiloa were unremarkable. Not that she didn’t demonstrate that she was a fine young officer. Rather, circumstances didn’t give her the opportunity to distinguish herself.

A letter written to the Daystrom Institute Journal on an article concerning subspace shock waves caught the eye of the journal’s editor, and then Ensign Tupou was invited to write a response.

This would set off a series of events that would allow Papahi to further her academic career. In 2383, newly promoted Lieutenant JG Tupou went on Temporary Duty to the Daystrom Insitute, where after two years, she would successfully defend her docotral thesis entitled “On the Potential Inertial Confinement of Subspace Shockwaves”, earning her a doctorate in Subspace physics.

In 2387, Papahi was assigned to the Fram, a newly commissioned Luna Class explorer. She was also reunited with her tormentor/motivator, Lieutenant Fenella Steward, the ship’s Second Officer and Chief Engineering Officer. Stewart, however, no longer view Papahi as someone to be forced out of her comfort zone, but rather a fellow officer to help and depend on. Papahi performed admirably on the Fram, earning commendations in her record on several occasions. It was at the recommendation of Lieutenant Stewart, as well as the Fram’s CO and XO, that Papahi sough the Chief Engineering position on the Triumphant.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2379 - 2383 Cadet Star Fleet Academy
2383 - 2385 Engineering Officer USS Hawaiʻiloa
2385 - 2387 Researcher/Doctoral Student Daystrom Insttute
2387 - 2389 Assistant Chief Engineering Officer USS Fram