Captain Elizabeth Hart

Elizabeth is a very loyal and driven Starfleet Officer. She takes her duty seriously, and upholds the beliefs of the Federation. A smart and resourceful officer that is very protective of the people stationed around her.


Personal History

Elizabeth was born to Starfleet Officers aboard the ship they both served on at the time. The ship was the USS Texas, a Galaxy class starship where her father was Chief Security/Tactical Officer and her mother the Assistant Chief Medical Officer. Her mother took a little bit of time off to start raising Elizabeth but stayed aboard the Texas to keep Elizabeth near her father.

Elizabeth had a normal early childhood. Well as normal as anyone could that was grown up aboard one of the most busy ships in Starfleet, with parents who were always busy. She was doing great in her general studies and making friends aboard the ship. The Hart family managed to stay aboard the Texas and together until Elizabeth was eleven.

The Texas had been assigned to a major refit so the officers were being assigned to new assignments, this would split the Hart family up. Lieutenant Commander Kevin Hart was being assigned to the newly commissioned Defiant Class Starship USS Stingray as Chief Security/Tactical Officer and Elizabeth’s mother, newly promoted Lieutenant Julia Hart had been assigned to a medical research station, which was fine with her. Research and biology were her specialties and she rather enjoyed them. She was a great medical officer, but her passion was working on medical research and she knew this would give her daughter a more stable place to grow up.

Liz as the one friend she had aboard the research station called her, had grown very bored. She missed being aboard a starship and having some of the excitement that traveling among the stars brought. Her mother was making great strides in the projects she was working on and they became closer than ever, as they got to spend a lot more time together than when she was aboard a starship. Elizabeth rarely spoke to her father, who was now the Executive Officer aboard the Stingray and was seeing his fair share of battle.

The day she arrived at Starfleet Academy was the happiest day of her life. She and Yulana her best friend for since she was eleven had decided to join Starfleet Academy with Elizabeth, but was interested in the Engineering line of studies, while Cadet Hart had her mind set on starship tactics after her general studies.

Both students were doing well in their studies and had just started training in their respective majors. Both had met guys they were going steady with and were in the top twenty five students at the academy. Everything was perfect in their lives.

The final days at the academy were sad for the girls as they knew they would both more than likely be given different assignments and be split apart. The two girls vowed they would stay in touch as much as possible.

They were now official Starfleet Ensigns and being given their first assignments. They were correct in guessing they would be split up. They were also parted from their boyfriends, who both were now Starfleet Marines. Elizabeth had been assigned to the USS Hawk as a security/tactical officer and Yulana an Engineer aboard the USS Stingray serving under the command of Commander Hart, Elisabeth’s father.

Hart served aboard the Hawk for the next several years earning herself a promotion when she saved the CMO and a sickbay full of patients and staff from a boarding party. Now a Lieutenant Junior Grade she loved serving as a security/tactical officer aboard the Hawk where she would spend another year.

At this time Hart was reassigned to her father’s ship where she was not only reunited with her father but her best friend. Elizabeth enjoyed serving aboard the Stingray as it was seeing plenty of action and she knew she was there as Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer to protect Yulana and Captain Hart.

Two years after they were reunited, Yulana was lost on an away mission that Elizabeth was part of. She managed to save the remaining away team members and got them back aboard the Stingray safely, but lost her best friend. Elizabeth was heartbroken, but was required to jump right into action as soon as the away team returned to the ship. The Defiant class ship had come under attack from two Cardassian ships and the Executive Officer and Chief Security/Tactical Officer had been killed in the first round of attacks that took the crew by surprise. The second Elizabeth stepped onto the bridge her father Captain Hart turned to her and told her he would need her to step up and take on the roles of the Executive Officer and man the tactical station. She only nodded and started firing back at the Cardassians. The Stingray was badly damaged but managed to escape that day.

It took three months for the Stingray to be repaired. During that time the Hart family all got together on Earth and took a small vacation. Captain Hart informed Elizabeth that she was to be given a crash course in command training and in a month transferred aboard one of the few other Defiant class starships the USS Hawk as Executive Officer. She was nervous but excited all at the same time. She would serve three years as Executive Officer aboard the Black Hawk before being transferred to the USS Illustrious as Executive Officer.

Hart was offered her first step as Commanding Officer of the USS Alexander, an older Miranda class starship and would serve with a fine crew and complete many missions, until the Alexander was retired two years after Hart took command. After a three day leave many of the Alexander’s crew were reunited aboard the Galaxy class USS Raging Bull. They would journey through the Northern Frontier for the next five years members of the crew would come and go, they would face sad times as well as exciting times together. Unfortunately the Raging Bull was destroyed, but luckily only lost one third of the crew.

Hart was set to go down with the ship, she and the remaining bridge crew were rescued by a fellow Federation ship and taken to the nearest starbase to have their wounds treated. Once fully recovered Elizabeth Hart was given her new assignment as Commanding Officer of the USS Memphis The crew of the Sovereign class starship would serve together for several years and eventually be sent into the Delta Quadrant. Most of the crew would receive a promotion in rank just a month after their arrival in the Delta Quadrant and Captain Hart couldn’t have been more proud.

The Memphis was severely damaged but managed to limp it’s way back to a nearby star base, due to her tactical experience Captain Hart would be assigned to lead a small task group on a rescue mission. The USS Hera had ran into the same Borg cube that had damaged the Memphis. Captain Hart had orders to destroy the Borg vessel and the USS Hera if it had been assimilated.

Sadly half the attack group was taken out by the Borg in the first hour of battle and after what seemed like hours of battle ended and the cube had been destroyed and once ships had been patched up and rescues made the Task Force was on their way back to the nearest star base. Every Captain in the group and most of their crew had commendations added to their service record.

Just six months later Captain Hart was ordered to bring the USS Rebel to the just finished Aurora class star base for a meeting with Task Force Thirty Eight Command Staff. The Executive Officer of the Rebel was promoted to Captain and given command of Hart’s former command. Elizabeth received the news that she would be in command of Star base Aurora and it was rumored she was being considered for Task Force Executive Officer (hehe).