Profile Overview

John Paul Belafore

Human Male

Character Description

The middle of three children born on Tatan in the early 2360’s, John Paul or JP Belafore is more than ten years older than his younger sister. Growing up mostly with his older brother, JP was the scholastically gifted of the boys, with excellent grades while his brother’s tended to be more in the C and B range. Despite this the two were in near constant friendly competition. In fact JP often assisted his older sibling in being driven to earn a better grade just to keep up. As they entered high school both discovered sports, and it was here that the older Belafore found a way he outstripped his younger sibling. This worked the opposite way for JP. He was driven to match his brother’s physical prowess and would spend hours training to hone his body and strengthen it.

John Paul was able in time to surpass his brother, perhaps through a fluke of genetics, his body seemed made to build muscle once it got started. To this day, Belafore maintains his exercise regimen and maintains a powerful physique. Many thought that he would try for the Academy and a concentration in Engineering. But John Pau surprisedthem all, entering instead Marine training and only learning to fly after an aptitude test suggested it might be a wise choice.

Within a few years JP Belafore was tearing up the skies over Mars and the Solar System at the controls of a sleek fighter plane. nfortunately for the quick reflexed young pilot his body betrayed him. The cockpt of the Javelin and other superiority fighters was cramped for him. Therefore he began to train in the roomier Valkyrie with mixed type missions. He excelled at close air support and decided his calling was to fly. Upon commissioning he qualified as a comba pilot and has not looked back since.

Character Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2380 - 2383 Marine Recruit Marine Basic Training Parris Island
2383 - 2385 Student Advanced Flight Training Pennsacola
2385 - 2386 Starfighter Pilot VFA - 63 Tarantulas
2386 - 2388 Tactical Operations Officer VFA - 128 Black Panthers Uss Cranston
2388 - 2389 Starfighter Pilot VFA - 97 The Warhawks, USS Scorpio
2389 - Present Squadron Leader VFA - 97 The Warhawks, USS Scorpio

Character Summary

A tall muscular human, John wears his hair short and sports several tattoos, all able to be hidden under his uniform. He prefers jeans and a t-shirt in his down time but has taken to wearing henley style shirts on board the ship because again they hide his tattoos. Most often he is found wearing aviator sunglasses even in uniform.