Commander Calvin Rhodes


Born to Federation Councilman Benjamin Rhodes and Starfleet Commander Elanor Waldorf-Rhodes. Calvin spent his youg life split between his mother’s most current assignment and following his father to postings all over the quadrant.

By his sixteenth birthday, Cal had seen more of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants than some Starfleet Officers see in their entire career.

At age 18, Calvin decided to follow his mother’s lead and join Starfleet, much to his father’s disapproval. He entered Starfleet Academy, hoping to study the Tactical track.

Cal’s time at the Academy was anything but typical. In his second year he found himself tapped for Advance Intelligence Training, an experience that would mold his career in Starfleet by setting him on a new path. Intelligence was one of the most difficult programs to enter. After one failed attempt, Cal finally nailed his application for the specialty program ensuring his spot in the elite course.

Following the Academy, Calvin made his way to his first posting aboard the USS Atlas as an Intelligence Officer. The Atlas was tasked with patrolling the Gorn borders. Although his time there was uneventful, Cal credit this posting with teaching him more about Starship Operations than he could have hoped to learn at the Academy.

His next post saw him return to Earth, working with the Federation Council as a Junior Intelligence Operator. His job was to assist in briefing the Cabinet staff on the day to day operations of Stafleet. Although it wasn’t the most exciting work, He enjoyed being able to see his father.

Eventually, Calvin grew tired of being planetside, and put in for a transfer. He was sent to the USS Dauntless charged with operations in the Bajoran Sector. He found himself in the position of Assitant Chief Tactical Officer, which he found a refreshing change of pace. He served aboard the ship for a number of years with distinction. His commanding Officer put forth a recommendation that Calvin be considered for advancement, and soon he was transferred to the USS Vanderbilt.

Aboard Vanderbilt, Cal served as Chief Tactical  and Second Officer under Captain Greg Halloway. He relished the responsibility and proved himself worth of the position on numerous occasions. His quick thinking, analytical mind and resourcefulness helped to get the ship out of several binding situations, and helped them narrowly escape total destruction.

With Vanderbilt heading for refit, Calvin accepted an instructor positin at Starfleet Academy in the Intelligence Department.It was here that he was tapped for command, being offered the First Officer post under his former CO, Captain Halloway. He graciously accpted and headed for the Romulan border, where they would stay for two years before once again narrowly escaping destruction.

Calvin found a job in the office of Vice Admiral Tobias Eton, a high ranking officer in Fleet Tactics. After several month with the Admiral, Cal grew quite fond of his job, finding it both challenging and stimulating.

The still rather young officer found himself swept up in a media whirlwind with the indicment of his Father in a illegal and unsanctioned plot to infiltrated the Cardassian Union.

With the negative attention he was drowning in, Calvin put in a request to Admiral Eton, who help to secure a command for Rhodes, poising him to escape the backlash and separate himself from his father’s scandal