Lieutenant Kathryn Button

Kathryn is the exact replica of me (the writer), she got to where she is by the death of her predessor during the battle which the ship is currently working on repairing. What I (the writer) thinks, feels, believes, Kathryn thinks, feels and believes.


Kathryn has had a good life, no real issues that would affect her life, re-writing it because of certain serious situations.
She has suffered somewhat because of depression, depression, and a few physical disabilities. She also has Aspergers Syndrome which could be cured like the rest, but then again she wouldn’t be who she was without it. People would say that she has no empathy, sympathy or any feeling at all, but she does, she just struggles to communicate it to others.
She was bullied for her mental health issues, she worked on ways to not get bullied but that didn’t go to plan, she didn’t fit in anywhere, in the outside world but she found a home within Starfleet.

From a young age, she ran errands for Starfleet Admirals and helped them with non-classified work, suggested ideas that might work and she even got to go to Planetia Utopia and help build ships in her school holidays. She even got to leave a mark to say she had been there. One thing she has very much struggled with is, fitting in with society, with anyone, anywhere. She joined Starfleet to feel like she belonged and fitted in. She found it. She joined Starfleet Academy, and studied Medical and Counselling, and Law.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Errands GirlStarfleet Command
Cadet Freshman Grade
Medical CadetStarfleet Academy
Medical OfficerUSS Perenolde
Assistant Medical OfficerUSS Perenolde
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Chief Medical OfficerUSS Perenolde