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Profile Overview

Elliot Huttlestone

Human Male

Character Information




Lieutenant Junior Grade


Elliot William Huttlestone



Born in London, England, Elliot lived a rather boring and dull life. He always wanted to do something about his life, but he didn’t know how to. It was only when he joined Star Fleet. Star Fleet gave him purpose, it gave him something to focus on. But he knew that he was always at risk. It was only when he joined Star Fleet he learned that the universe was a warzone. Either way, he accepted it. He worked through Star Fleet academy quickly, earning a spot on a small star cruiser. rather early on in his career. He earned the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade a few years later. He was given the position of Cheif of Engineering on the DFS Lavie when the ship was commissioned.


Space is an infinate. That was something that Elliot was taught from a young age. Space is an infinate. Space doesn’t end. Space carries on forever. Elliot was always facinated by space, it was a distraction from what was otherwise a boring childhood. It had nothing wrong with it, loving parents and a great education. It just didn’t do anything. Elliot hated education with a passion, he couldn’t stand it. He liked working with his hands, he liked trying new things and just exploring to see what would happen if you put two things together. He wanted to explore space someday, that was his goal.

He didn’t know about Star Fleet until he was eighteen.

Star Fleet Academy changed his life.

He fit in. Space “nerds” all working together. He found he fit in even more when he learned about the engineering division. He graduated after a few years of dedication and hard work. He was an ensign, exploring space. He then found out that space wasn’t all it was cracked out to be. Space was ravaged by war, torn by it. Elliot didn’t really hate it, but he wanted to be a part of a group that could do something to fix the universe.

That was the job of starfleet, right?

He was promoted early. Then he recieved word that there was a new ship being commissioned and that it was after a Cheif Engineer. The DFS Lavie. He was excited, he enjoyed working in engineering and he really wanted to progress up the food chain. So he sent in his application for the role, and he waited. He knew the role would come with another promotion, but he didn’t want the promotion. He just wanted to experience being the Cheif Engineer.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
4563 - 4564 Engineering SSF Trident
4560 - 4563 Cadet Star Fleet Academy