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Profile Overview


Reman Male

Character Information


Lieutenant Commander


Orakix of Remus



Born on Remus to his father Sitix, Orakix was raised with other Remans in the mines until the start of the Dominion War when his father took him and fled to the Neutral Zone seeking diplomatic immunity within the Federation.  Orakix was raised on an outpost on the planet Cheron.  In 2379 following the death of the Reman warlord Shinzon, the Federation took it upon themselves to grant full immunity to any Remans who were not a part of Shinzon’s uprising.  Following the granting of immunity,  Orakix applied for Starfleet Academy using his telepathy to excel in Strategy. Utilizing His unique gift he was able to ascend quickly through the ranks and gain the rank of Lieutenant Commander and the position of Chief Security/Tactical Officer and was assigned to the  USS Forscher and following that the USS Saturn

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
- Present Starfleet Academy Cadet