Profile Overview

Granth 'Crash' Krajj

Bazran Male

Character Information


Chief Engineer Officer
Eos Station


Lieutenant Commander


Granth is a rather short and wirey Bazran male. His graying blonde hair is nearly always messy and dishevelled, often wearing scruff on his face due to sheer annoyance of trying to shave around the breathing aparatuses. He wears glasses, not out of need, but out of choice. He feels that his face is too imbalanced with the breathing device and he uses the glasses to ‘balance’ his face.



There is two distinct sides to Granth; the all serious work side and the very laid back casual off duty side.  He is a very serious and no nonsense man when it comes to his work. He takes engineering very seriously and expects the same from any of his engineers. He can get rather snippy and express a short temper when on duty.

When off duty, he is a completely different being. He is a rather lighthearted, joking man who likes to poke fun at and tease people.

((more to come))


When fresh out of the academy as an Ensign, he accidentally crashed a shuttle into a Starbase, thus earning the nickname ‘Crash’, it also happens to rhyme with his surname.

Granth grew up and went into building ships on Barzan II. He married a little too quick and had four kids with his wife. When he reached the age of 33, he found himself wildly discontent with his life. He had an affair with one of his male colleagues. When he was found out, his wife immediately filed for divorce. Granth let her have custody of the kids and left the planet to join Starfleet.

Granth has worked more lowkey jobs within Starflert at first; Engineer on various science and medical vessels to dry dock work. He applied to a very remote outpost that was in ill repair for something new and no shortage of work.