Profile Overview

Hin Ra-Talorei

Efrosian Male

Character Information


USS Endeavour


Lieutenant Commander


Hin Ra-Talorei

2nd October, 2343



As Staff Judge-Advocate for the USS Endeavour, Commander Ra-Talorei mostly serves as an advisory figure to support the ship’s diplomatic assignments. He is an expert in interstellar law, with a long history of supporting ambassadors and Starfleet captains through negotiations, and has played a key role in drafting several minor treaties. Highly experienced, Ra-Talorei has nevertheless resisted efforts to move him up, enjoying getting to travel and meet people, and get his hands dirty even from the sidelines. He is an amiable, kindly, fiercely intelligent man, who loves explaining new ideas and encountering new experiences, and always a levelling influence on any team or crew.