Ensign Ellis Gregory

Ellis Gregory is a Fourth Year Cadet on tour with the USS Sirona as an Operations Officer. He is from Caldos Colony 3 (Howard's Landing).


Early Life:

Ellis Gregory was born in Howard’s Landing or Colony 3, on Caldos IV. His parents Adam and Jessica Gregory (nee Ellis) are distant relatives to the original colonists of the planet. Adam is currently an official in the Caldos Government while his mother is a Physician. Ellis is the oldest of four children.
Along with his brothers and sister, Ellis was educated at both the Primary and Secondary Educational Centers in the center of town. He was considered a big man on campus and had many friends among the different social groups the formed there.

In his Secodary School Years he played several sports including, baseball (which got it start in honor of Captain B. Sisko), Soccer, and Tennis. Ellis was also a member of the school’s orchestra playing violin and sometimes piano. He also learned Terran Guitar, and Bass Violin.

While growing up, Ellis learned of the adventures of Captains James Kirk and John Gregory through his father. His great-uncle once served on board the Enterprise-A and became a Captain in his own right. Though most of the stories were embellished as Ellis learned later in life; the stories fired in him the dream to leave Caldos for the service in Star Fleet.

When he was 12, Jessica Ellis-Gregory died after contracting the Malak Plague. She was one of 2,000 in Howard’s Landing who passed away from this terrible disease. Ellis watched as his mother slowly slipped and it devestated him. He rarely speaks of her for fear of losing his emotional control.
At the end of his early education, Ellis applied to Starfleet Academy and passed the entrance exam on the first try. His ‘Psyche Test’ focus on learning to overcome loss of life (focusing on the death of a loved one). Ellis joined Starfleet at the age 17.

Academy Years:

For his first year at the Academy, Ellis was Undeclared and was in the General Studies program, learning everything from Starship Operations, Engineering, Security Tactics, and Diplomacy. He found he was proficient in languages and decided in his Second Year to study Starship Operations as his major field of study as it provided a wider range of subjects to focus on.
Much like his High School Years, Ellis was quite popular on campus. He played in several sports including Baseball and Basketball. He was a member of the Archer House, an off campus Dormitory where many members throughout history went on to Captain ships or joined the Admiralty.
He was encouraged by his professors to join the reformed Red Squad to which he declined-despite its valiant history- to focus on his studies.

Ellis Gregory is currently serving his fourth year on board the USS Sirona as an Operations Officer

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Cadet Senior Grade
Operations OfficerUSS Sirona