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Profile Overview

Kal Rane

Bajoran Male

Character Information


One of the few babies born during the last months of the occupation; Rane grew up in a world scrabbling to find itself. The only son a respected Vedek father and a hard working mother who served as a civil servant in the new provisional goverment Rane grew up believing in the future of the Bajoran people and that the stars held the promise of a bright new future. Growing up hearing the tales of a Heroine Bajoran who fought beside the Emissary in the Dominion War and made peace with ancient enemies for the greater good of all, he dreamed of joining the Miltia and making a name for himself and his family. He turned his hand to history, critical theory and study of as many different instellar races as he could. By the time he came of age Bajor was well into the process of becoming a member of the Federation and Starfleet, well… for Rane there wasn’t another option.