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Julian Durand

Human Male

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Julian Durand



If nothing else can be said of Julian, it’s that he’s seen some things, and done a lot in his (thus far) short career with Starfleet. The Truckee is not his first command, but it is his first command as a Captain.

Julian is trepidatious about the Delta Quadrant, but he expects his overall laid back command style, and bitingly sharp sense of humor will get him through the rough patches, and help the crew deal with what is the strangest milk run to which anyone has ever been assigned.


Early Childhood:

Julian, or “Jules” as he prefers, was born aboard the USS Centralia, a Miranda class vessel on which both of his parents served. He remembers nothing but ship-board life for his earliest years. In 2367, his father died in the Battle of Wolf 359. Wanting a stable life for her only child, his mother transferred to Starbase One. He recalls his time living on the massive space station as “ultimately pretty boring.” Being so close to Starfleet Officers, he was expected to constantly be on good behavior, and while he was for the most part, he found ways (as all children do) to go have fun.

He had a deep love for space though, and frequently (and annoyingly) always asked his mother to take a position aboard a starship. As she consistently rebuffed his pleas, he ultimately decided he’d have his own ship one day, and it would be amazing.

Starfleet Academy:

In 2377, Julian attended Starfleet Academy, focusing on a tactical/security path, as well as taking several command courses. He knew that if he wanted the experiences he desired, he’d need to have his own command. It didn’t matter the size of the ship or its nature. It just mattered that he be out there.

In 2381, he graduated with honors, though nowhere near the top of his class.


After his graduation, Jules was assigned to the USS Monitor, a Nebula class starship. As one of the junior ranking Tactical/Security officers, he found the job to be largely boring, although he did pull bridge duty from time to time. While he had very little interaction with the ship’s stern Commanding Officer, he did receive high praise from Lieutenant Commander T’Sarn, the ship’s Chief of Security. The first time he set foot on the Monitor’s bridge cemented his desire to sit in the center seat one day.

His unique sense of humor (even while on duty) did cause him to receive some official reprimands, but none too damning. He does blame that for his not advancing in rank during his time aboard, however.


In 2385, Julian transferred off of the ship with the First Officer, Commander Emilie Chapel. She had received her own command and had hand picked him to be the ship’s assistant chief of security, which would include an advancement in rank to Lieutenant (junior grade). He was floored at the offer, and gleefully accepted it. The woman had noticed Julian’s knack for leading people, and keeping a healthy spirit of camaraderie with his fellow crewmen.

The Beagle, an Intrepid class ship, never once went into battle, and Julian’s time aboard was fairly boring other than conducting drills and the occasional away mission.


In 2387, Julian was offered a unique opportunity to command his own ship, with several caveats. The destruction of the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards required the Federation to take a less pacifistic stance, and to “circle the wagons” as it were. He was offered command of a small, Raven class starship, the USS Anaheim. The small scout ships were typically attached to starbases, and sent out on short-term missions.

The Anaheim was attached to Deep Space Nine, and sent out to patrol the Cardassian De-Militarized Zone. The last thing the Federation wanted was for one of their former aggressors to catch them unawares. Being so close to the end of the Dominion War, Julian didn’t really see the point, as the Cardassians were in pretty bad straits. Nonetheless, he accepted the command, and was advanced to the rank of Lieutenant.

The Cardassians were always polite to him, if somewhat terse. He rarely found that anyone was willing to do anything but engage him in idle chatter, and on multiple occasions he and his crew put down on nearby colonies for random away missions. While they cited “humanitarian aid” to the locals, it was often just more of an excuse to stretch their legs and get away from the cramped conditions of the small ship barely bigger than a runabout.

In 2389, the Anaheim was destroyed in combat by a rogue Cardassian Gul and his small flotilla of ships. He spent the next year in a Cardassian labor camp with his small crew of 6 others, until his release to the Federation was secured. After being released, he took a year off to attend physical therapy and intense counseling sessions.


In 2392, Julian was assigned to the USS Westpoint, an aging Ambassador class ship, as the vessel’s Executive Officer, and advanced to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. His command experience had spoken for itself, as well as his tenacity. The lessons he’d learned while commanding the Anaheim (as well as keeping his crew together until their rescue from Cardassian space) had left a lasting impression on him, and he was unwilling to accept a position outside of the immediate command structure. He had to heavily advocate for himself on this point, but in the end the gamble paid off. Additionally, at the age of 33, it was about the right time in his career for him to be serving alongside a Captain, and learning the lessons he needed to command a standard ship on his own merit.

And learn lessons he did. The Westpoint was assigned to the Beta Quadrant, and frequently dealt with not only protecting Federation assets, but keeping relative diplomacy with the various Romulan factions. In 2396, Julian was advanced to the rank of Commander after a particularly difficult but successful humanitarian aid mission to an outlying Romulan colony. Owing to his tenacity at driving off rival factions, his tactical aptitude in securing the main compound, as well as his success at drawing a line in the sand and daring the other factions to cross it (they didn’t call his bluff), his commanding officer was happy to award him with yet another pip on his collar.


In 2399, Julian was offered his own command once again. With Starfleet once again accepting its mandate of humanitarian aid and peaceful exploration, ships were needed to explore areas of space that had been “on the list” but on the backburner.

This, however, was not to be Julian’s command. Julian was advanced to the rank of Captain and given command of the USS Truckee, a California class starship. The ship was to use the Barzan Wormhole to enter the Nacene Reaches, one of the first areas explored by the famed USS Voyager.

Julian took the time while the ship was finishing her outfitting to read Voyager’s logs, and found they read like an exercise in futility at best, and a horror novel at worst. Starfleet Command, and the Senior Staff of the Task Force assigned to the region, determined that it was important to make “second contact” with many of the races in the area. Given past experiences, a multi-role ship capable carrying out a variety of missions was decided to be a good fit. The Truckee would be that ship. Thus, in early 2399, Julian and the crew of the Truckee set out on their first five year mission.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2377 - 2381 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2381 - 2384 Security/Tactical Officer USS Monitor
2385 - 2387 Assistant Chief Security Officer USS Beagle
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2387 - 2389 Commanding Officer USS Wanderer
2392 - 2396 Executive Officer USS Westpoint
Lieutenant Commander
2396 - 2399 Executive Officer USS Westpoint
2399 - Present Commanding Officer USS Truckee