Commander Paul Revere


Paul Revere was born in 2360 at the Charleston Starfleet base in South Carolina to his father Apollos and mother Deborah Revere. Apollos was an engineer and Deborah was First Officer aboard the USS Concord which was in dock so Apollos and Deborah took their shore leave in Charleston since they were both from there and wished for Paul to be born there as well.

By the age of five, Paul had been on three different ships due to his parents being transferred. Some children find it difficult being uprooted and transferred from ship to ship or base to base, but Paul was not bothered by all the moving. In fact, Paul made friends easily because of his laid back personality; he usually made friends with the Commanding Officers and the Engineering department partly because his parents were in those departments. However, the biggest reason for this is Paul was genuinely interested in Engineering and Command.

Whenever Paul had reached the age to be able to enter Starfleet Academy he did so. He studied Warp Propulsion and graduated with a degree with honors. Paul served for two years aboard the USS Washington but he felt that there was something missing and was unsatisfied so he entered Command School.