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Cadet Layton

Human Male

Character Information




A young cadet standing at approximately 5’9″. Brown hair, hazel-green eyes, and a skin color that is a mix between his Hispanic mother and his European father. Peter Layton II’s focus is in the field of science, and can be mistaken for his father, who he was named after. Peter is often seen with an anxious smile when approached, or sticking his tongue out when he’s deep into work. Across his the middle of his face is a smattering of freckles. He acts rather conservatively due to his upbringing under his catholic mother.


Peter Alejandro Layton II is the youngest son of Juanita Marie Layton and Peter Layton I. Peter can be mistaken for his father, due to the names and similar occupations. Peter I is a small-time scientist, Peter II is in the Academy to become a Starfleet scientist.