Profile Overview

Thalek th'Zorati

Andorian Male

Character Description

Height: 6’ 1”
Weight: 136 lbs
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Hair Color: White

Physical Attributes

An aging male of the Andorian race, Thalek is quite tall and stocky for a male of his species. His trademark white hair is thick and of moderate length, similar to many other males. His subcranial antennae that sit atop his head measure roughly four inches in length. Thalek’s tongue is a different colour to the usual dark blue or pink colours usually associated with Andorian’s his age. It is instead a dark red colour, showing signs of premature aging and high stress levels.

Personality Overview

Thalek’s personality is very much like the planet from which he hails; icy and bitter. Thalek certainly isn’t known for pleasantness, in fact, quite the opposite. He can be rude, abrasive and downright ignorant at the best of times, but if caught on a particularly bad day, his tongue can be particularly scathing. Earn his respect however and a stark contrast can be seen. He is capable of being warm, caring and even sensual – to the right people. Formerly a Deputy Director of Starfleet Tactical, th’Zorati is notoriously difficult to get on with, but despite this, th’Zorati is renowned around the Federation for being a brilliant tactician and brings an abundance of experience to the ever hostile Gavarian Frontier.

Strengths & Weaknesses

A brilliant tactician with a photographic memory, Thalek is able take in an immense amount of knowledge in one go and is able to sift through the information his brain stores at rapid speeds. He knows pretty much every tactical and evasion maneuver in the Starfleet database and is renowned for his knowledge of tactics from races such as the Klingons and the Romulans.

His knowledge and expertise comes at a high price, a lack of diplomacy skills having hindered him on many occasions and thought to be the reason why he had been “hibernating” at Starfleet Tactical prior to his new assignment. His love for military tactics leaves little to no room for the science, the arts or even for friends.


Thalek has achieved much of what he set out to achieve when he first entered Starfleet some 36 years ago. He has earned the respect of people he has served with; he has made a name for himself in his chosen field, commanded his own starship, risen the ranks to the Admiralty and held a coveted position at Starfleet Command.

Thalek finds enjoyment in different ways to most. Rather than playing an instrument or socializing he prefers to spend his time in solitude, researching ancient battles and reading alien texts about military conquest. He isn’t adverse to socializing when it is necessary but his attitude, one he can’t change so late in life, usually means he never gets invited to the same place twice.

Personal History

Thalek th’Zorati was born in the earth year 2332 at the Tormoria Encampment on the inhospitable moon of Andoria. Growing up in the freezing climate, Thalek developed many Andorian traits such as a high metabolic rate and a resistance to different environments. Whilst being able to stay warm and comfortable on the cold Andorian homeworld, like other Andorians, he could indeed stay cool and thrive on planets where temperatures could reach near to boiling point. Like others, he could survive fluctuations in his body weight, needing to lose more than ten percent of his body weight before feeling adverse effects. However, his Andorian physiology made medical treatment more difficult. Unlike in humans, Thalek (and all other Andorians) had to have medicines administered via intramuscular injections via the tongue or other such muscles rather than intravenously through the use of hyposprays to the neck or arm.

Throughout his childhood, Thalek grew up in a mixed population area of Andorian and Aenar people. Tolerance, a trait not associated with his people in the past, was now something that was encouraged among the populace and the days when the Aenar were considered inferior were long gone. As he grew, so too did his antennae until he reached the earth age of 12 and they stopped at just over four inches in length, relatively short for most Andorians.

In his early teens, Thalek met Thalia, a young girl who was six years younger than him. Bullied by other children in the encampment, the much older Thalek stuck up for the younger girl and protected her against her bullies. He took the youngster under his own wing and taught her to protect himself, just as he had been taught by his father. He showed compassion in a way he hadn’t before, his normal abrasive attitude inexplicably warmed by the young girl.

The pairs friendship grew exponentially until he dropped a bombshell in 2350. The young girl would have to survive on her own, without her protector who had applied and been successful at gaining entry to Starfleet Academy on the nearby planet of Earth. It would be some 20 years before the two would meet again.

Arriving at Earth in mid 2350, Thalek lived in Cadet quarters near to the Marseille Starfleet Base, an annex of Starfleet Academy and the place he would train for his career.

During his time at Starfleet Academy, his Andorian background made him perfect for the Academy Wrestling Team. In 2351, Thalek challenged then Captain of the team Benjamin Sisko, to a wrestling match for the right to Captain the team during the next academic year. Unfortunately, after a close fought bout, Thalek came off second best to the Human and suffered the humiliation of having his left antennae damaged. This affected his health for several weeks until it was properly healed. After the injury and the subsequent humiliation, Thalek withdrew from the team and all other social activities and threw himself in to his studies.

In his final years of study at the Academy, Thalek found himself being an outcast among his peers, becoming even more withdrawn than usual. When he was in social settings he made very few friends with his poor attitude towards others. The only solace he could find was in his studies and his love for books. He loved nothing more than reading book after book, studying military tactics of empires from races who were long gone or from those galactic powers still in existence.

It was whilst he was at the academy that he was diagnosed with a photographic memory which allowed him to take in excessive amounts of information and process it quickly. This helped him to excel in his studies and when he eventually graduated, whilst not top of his class, he was given his choice of multiple postings.

Starfleet was in the midst of what many called “the Golden Age”. Exploration was at the forefront of everyone’s minds and many new ships were out exploring the frontier. There wasn’t much call for men with tactical prowess such as Thalek in this new age for Starfleet and so, he decided that if he couldn’t put his knowledge to the test in practical scenarios, he would improve his knowledge of tactical systems from an Engineering perspective. To do so, he requested assignment aboard one of the newer Excelsior class vessels in the fleet. Travelling to Star Station India, Thalek soon met up with the USS Nogura and joined her crew as a Relief Tactical Officer.

In 2355, the Nogura was one of the first ships to appear on the scene of the Battle of Maxia after the presumed destruction of the USS Stargazer, picking up several escape pods, including that of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. The Nogura returned the crew of the Stargazer to a nearby Starbase and continued on its mission of exploration.

At the turn of 2357, the Nogura was dispatched to investigate the disappearance of a Freighter called the S.S. Odin but the crew were unable to discover the ship whereabouts. Young Ensign th’Zorati underwent a period of intense training under the tuition of the ships Chief Tactical Officer in the following months. After a further year of assignment aboard the Nogura and having accomplished what he desired, Thalek requested to be considered for the position of Assistant Tactical Officer aboard the USS Illustrious. After a thorough review of all candidates by the ships Executive Officer, Thalek was offered the promotion. Accepting, he transferred to the Ambassador Class vessel at the rank of Lieutenant JG, leaving behind the Nogura.

The Illustrious was involved in a number of Border conflicts with the Cardassians during the latter stages of the Cardassian Border Wars, giving Thalek his first real taste of combat. The Ambassador class ship was involved in several engagements and was one of only a handful of vessels to be involved in the conflict as the war started to die down, with stalemates becoming more regular. When it became clear that the Illustrious would be heading away from the Cardassian Border, Lieutenant JG Thalek requested reassignment to a vessel staying in the region. His ability, combined with his impeccable memory of Cardassian tactics he had encountered gave him the edge over other applicants and he was reassigned to the USS Potemkin.

In 2366 the Potemkin and a number of other vessels were put on high alert when a Romulan vessel, suspected of conducting covert operations in Federation space, crashed on Galorndon Core. The Federation and the Romulan Empire were so close to all out war that nearly a hundred Starships were ordered to the worlds along the Romulan Neutral Zone. In the end (secretly to Thalek’s displeasure), war was averted.

Later that same year, the Potemkin was recalled from the Cardassian border after it was revealed that a Borg Cube had begun an invasion of the Federation. The Potemkin was supposed to meet the fleet at Wolf 359 to battle the Borg but arrived an hour late to a scene of devastation. All 39 vessels involved in the battle had been lost and some 11 thousand people killed. Thalek regretted that the Potemkin hadn’t been able to engage the Borg and, quite arrogantly, believed that he could have helped defeat the vessel using the years of knowledge he had built up from other races. Arrogance was a trait the Andorian was beginning to show more and more, much to the chagrin of his superiors. But arrogance often came hand in hand with confidence and that was certainly true of Thalek. Confidence in his own abilities allowed him to continually surpass his own expectations.

In 2368, the Potemkin rendezvoused with the Starship Enterprise to deliver Dr Toby Russell to the Federation Flagship. It was while this happened that Thalek was given word that he would be promoted and reassigned to the USS Sutherland as its Chief Tactical Officer. Thalek travelled with the Enterprise to Starbase 234 where he met up with the Sutherland and began his newest assignment.

The Sutherland was in drydock for repairs and was ordered out of dock under the command of Lt. Commander Data of the Enterprise to join Captain Picard’s blockade of the Romulan supply lines to the Klingon House of Duras. Thalek was at Tactical throughout the blockade and was instrumental in detecting cloaked Romulan forces. Unusually for Thalek, he found himself offering praise to others, specifically the ships temporary commanding officer, Lt. Commander Data of the Enterprise. With Data gone and the Sutherland back on active duty, Thalek continued as Tactical Officer for a number of years until his arrogance got the better of him. In a confrontation with the ships Executive Officer, Thalek was so sure of himself that the Commander informed him that Thalek had gotten too big for his boots aboard the Sutherland and needed to transfer in order to get some perspective.

A new posting in particular would give Thalek a startling look into his mindset. He had become comfortable in the Tactical field but his new assignment to the Starship Merrimack for the duration of the Dominion War saw him test his command credentials. For the first time in his career, he was tested to a degree that even he questioned his readiness for such challenges. Instead of stepping back though, Thalek saw recent events as a learning curve and under the guidance of the ships Captain, he reigned in his arrogance and his confidence and instead focused on the true nature of command – building a relationship with ones crew. He found himself capable of forming friendships and being liked. So much so that when the war ended in 2375 and he was offered his own command, he found himself regretting the fact that he had to move on and leave his new found self behind.

The next seven years of Thalek’s career saw him establish a fearsome reputation as an uncompromising commanding officer that demanded excellence from those under his command. During his tenure as Commanding Officer of the USS Galaxy, Thalek was charged with patrolling areas of Cardassian space that had been occupied by the Alliance at the end of the war. The Galaxy was involved in several relief missions to Cardassian worlds decimated by the Dominion whilst also fighting off several rogue ships opposed to the treaty that had ended the war.

As the Cardassian’s slowly began to take more responsibility for rebuilding efforts, the Galaxy was ordered to the Neutral Zone, taking Thalek back to his old stomping ground. Patrolling the border with the Romulans was never an easy task and a humanitarian mission in late 2381 saw the Galaxy enter the Neutral Zone. After a tense standoff with a Warbird, the Galaxy was permitted to stay long enough to deal with the famine on Landros III.

When the Galaxy returned to Federation space, the ship was recalled to Earth. Upon its arrival, Thalek was reassigned to Starfleet Tactical as a Strategic Analyst, helping with plans for the forces involved in conflict with the Chakilian and Krazzle Empires of the northern Beta Quadrant. The Andorian put much of his experience to use, analyzing Chakilian attacks, developing strategies and maneuvers to defeat the superior enemy. An eventual promotion saw him fill the empty void of Deputy Director at Starfleet Tactical. Now a Commodore, the Andorian was responsible for developing strategies for the fleet and fleet movements against their enemy. Despite repeated requests to return to the field of battle, Thalek was kept at Starfleet Tactical because of his tactical acumen.

In late 2386, after a number of years at Starfleet Tactical, his superiors finally accepted the suggestion that after years of loyal service, the Andorian had earned the right to demote himself. With the USS Thesis in dock and requiring a commanding officer, Thalek voluntarily reduced himself in rank to take command of the Intrepid-class ship and lead her fledgling crew on their endeavours. Over the next two years, the Thesis would be involved in a number of operations, most notably the initiation of Project Outreach, the efforts to re-establish a communications link with Starfleet forces in the Delta Quadrant, in mid 2388. Using a new, supposedly faultless Slipstream drive and having met up with the seven strong Task Force that was to head to the Delta Quadrant, Thesis suffered a catastrophic failure in her slipstream drive just seconds in to her flight and an emergency shutdown brought her out of slipstream on the edge of the Gavarian Corridor and in need of massive repairs to her propulsion system. The irony of her failure soon became apparent however, as it was quickly learnt that the rest of the Task Force never made it to their destination and contact with the group was now lost; had the drive on Thesis not failed sooner, the ship could well have been lost too.

With Thesis in dock at the fleetyards above Bajor, the ship had her repairs conducted swiftly. The Intrepid-class ship was soon back in action, one of the first reinforcement vessels to enter the Gamma Quadrant via the wormhole once the Gamma Terminus was accessible again and the threat of the Consortium had dwindled. Escorting a number of cargo vessels to Deep Space 11, Thesis and Captain th’Zorati later began exploration operations in the Gamma Quadrant at the behest of the Captain’s former colleague, Rear Admiral James Ryan, who was now Task Force Executive Officer of Task Force 9.

In February of 2389, Thesis responded to a call for assistance from the Starship Nogura in the hunt for a missing child. During the operation, led by Captain Nilani Azulas of the Nogura, the Nogura and Thesis crews were ultimately able to apprehend one of the Quadrant’s most wanted criminals and a former Starfleet traitor; Nathan Hunter.

With success comes rewards and sometimes not always welcome ones for some. Having led the successful operation to capture the traitor, Captain Nilani Azulas reluctantly accepted promotion to Commodore and in doing so, surrendered command of the Nogura. Tasked with submitting a list of candidates for her replacement to Admiral Ryan, Commodore Azulas identified only three candidates; her first officer and friend Audrid Kane, the Tellarite commander of the USS Ulysses, Captain Vasoch Gor and the Andorian in charge of the Thesis, Captain th’Zorati. With command opting against offering command of the Nogura to Kane because of questions hanging over her due to her past links with the Orion Syndicate, Ryan instead opted to offer command of the Nogura to Captain th’Zorati. Although he hadn’t been in command of Thesis for long, he had earned the respect of those in the Gamma Quadrant and the Nogura was seen as significant career progression compared to the much smaller Intrepid. It wasn’t every day one was offered command of one of the newest and finest vessels to serve the Quadrant. Accepting command of the Nogura, Thalek and the crew began a four-year mission of exploration deep into the Gamma Quadrant. Upon returning to the wormhole in 2394, the ship was ordered to return to the Alpha Quadrant and serve as part of a task force re-establishing contact with the Cardassians.

Over the years, the Nogura was involved in many a mission around the Cardassian border until the ship was caught in a significant plasma storm in the Badlands. Suffering substantial damage, the ship put into Starbase 565 for repairs in 2399, with the crew awaiting new orders.

Character Summary

Thalek’s personality is very much like the planet from which he hails - icy and bitter. He certainly isn’t known for pleasantness, in fact, quite the opposite. He can be rude, abrasive and downright ignorant at the best of times, but if caught on a particularly bad day, his tongue can be particularly scathing. Earn his respect however and a stark contrast can be seen. Formerly a Deputy Director of Starfleet Tactical, th’Zorati is notoriously difficult to get on with, but despite this, th’Zorati is renowned around the Federation for being a brilliant tactician and brings an abundance of experience to the ever hostile Gavarian Frontier.

Current Assignment