Captain CeCe Rhodes

CeCe is the Commanding Officer of the USS Hypatia.


Born in New York City, to proud parents Lillian and Eric Rhodes. Her childhood was relatively unstable, bouncing between her parent’s postings. Her summers were spent with her cousin, at the family house in East Hampton, New York. During these summers she regailed her cousin Edward, also a Starfleet brat, with stories of the plaaces she had visited.

Celia had seen most of the quadrant by her 14th birthday. This pushed her career choice forward and, as soon as she was able, she enrolled in the Academy. Her school years were mostly ordinary. Her grades were good, and she ranked in the top 10 of her class, despite the distress of losing her father early in her final year.

Following the Academy, CeCe began her impressive career aboard the USS Atlas as a Tactical Officer. She learned a lot under the Department head and all while trying to keep tabs on her aging mother. After nearly a year and a half,and with her mother’s state of mind worsening following the death of her husband, CeCe sought private professional help for Lilly. Lilly being a highly celebrated and decorated officer, her intent was to spare her (and CeCe)the shame of admitting weakness. Unfortunately, Lillian passed away, leaving CeCe an orphan and on the verge of a great career following in her parent’s footsteps.

CeCe took a short leave of absence following her mother’s death, and returned to Atlas with a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade and an offer to take the assistant Department head spot. She accepted and continued to learn quick thinking under her superior.

It wasn’t long before CeCe was offered a Chief position aboard the USS T’Pau. She jumped at the opportunity and sped off towards the Romulan border.

She accepted every opportunity that came her way, and used every bit of knowledge she could absorb towards getting a command of her own.

She finally achieved this with the USS Carpathia, a Diligent Class starship that serve a scientific test bed for several experimental technologies. The crew and her captain served with distinction until she was recalled for dismantling of her technology.

CeCe accepted a post with Starfleet Tactical, but longed to be back in the center seat.

She got her wish when Captain Calvin Rhodes relinquished command of the USS Hypatia, leaving the spot open for CeCe.