Profile Overview

Emilia Brittdottir

Human Female

Character Description

Emilia was born in Reykjavik, Iceland, Earth in 2368 to Britten Lereksson and Klara Rensdottir. From an early age Emilia showed an aptitude for science and engineering, often disassembling her belongings to see how they worked. Emilia joined Starfleet Academy in 2386 and finished top of her class in the field of Warp Theory and Quantum Mechanics. Upon graduation Emilia was posted aboard the USS Arcadia, a Galaxy class refit where she served in engineering for several years before transferring to the USS Alaska in 2390. Serving as Chief Engineering Officer on the Alaska, Emilia was eventually promoted to the role of Executive Officer. A post she held for 5 years before being promoted to Commanding Officer in 2398.