Ensign Karl Ballard

Skilled fighter. Loyal to his friends, but his loyalty is hard earn. Family is extremely important to him. Believes strongly in Starfleet's mission. Has a clear view of right and wrong, there's no much gray area in his opinion. Wants to own a ranch in Texas...at some point after getting a Starship command of his own. Enjoys kickboxing, jogging, horseback riding, and old Earth 'western' movies. He's also a history buff.


2362- Born in Austin Texas

2369- Moved with family to Dodge City Kansas

2374- Moved with family to Starbase 47 when father re-entered Starfleet during the Dominion War

2375- Father killed aboard the USS Falcon during a raid on the Dominion Ketracel-White facility in the Pelosa system. Family moves back to the Austin Texas area on Earth.

2380- Enters Starfleet Academy

2384- Graduates from Starfleet Academy, Rank of Ensign. Assigned to Starbase 773 as a Security/Tactical Officer

2388- Assigned to the USS Nomad as a Security/Tactical Officer

2394- Assigned to Starbase 400 as a Security/Tactical Officer and Brig Officer