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Grace Shaw

Human Female

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Grace Shaw, chief medical officer aboard the USS Nomad, a highly skilled and highly confident doctor with years of experience in her field…


Doctor Grace Shaw
Chief Medical Officer USS Nomad

Name: Grace Elizabeth Shaw
Gender: Female
Born: June 12th 2338, New York City, NY,
The New United States of America, Earth.
Doctor. Elizabeth Collins-Shaw (Mother)
Doctor. Daniel Shaw (Father)
Nathan Collins (Older Step-Brother)
Steven Shaw (Younger Brother)
Romaine Shaw (Younger Sister)

Grace Shaw had a relatively normal childhood, she grew up in Manhattan, New York where she spent most of her childhood dreaming to be an actress. Having grown up always wanting to be a Broadway star, Grace, who loved to sing and dance spent the best part of her teens auditioning for roles that would have literally had her name at the top of the bill. Grace’s problem was that she was slightly awkward, that and her British accent wasn’t well suited.
By the time she was nineteen, Grace had given up on her dream to be an actress and developed a fascination with helping others.
Her older stepbrother, Nathan was a Doctor at one of New York’s finest infirmaries -she immediately felt drawn to the medical profession after watching an elderly couple both die within minutes of each other. The whole experience was traumatising enough that it polarised her direction in life and within a year, Grace had signed up to Starfleet’s Medical Academy…

By 2364, Grace had passed out of the Starfleet Medical Academy with as a junior doctor and the rank of lieutenant junior grade. All of her family attended Grace’s graduation and couldn’t have been any prouder.
Shaw, who had always been close to her family was about to head out, for the first time into the unknown -this was a big step for her, after all she spent her weekends in New York and then commuted to San Francisco for four and a half years whilst at the academy.
Both her parents ran a private practice, they offered her a position in New York however, Grace turned them down for a career in Starfleet, telling them that she could do much more ‘out there,’ that she was destined for the stars. Her parents could see the young actress wannabe beaming out of her yet, without any hard feelings let her follow her dreams, just like they always did…

In 2371, Grace, now chief of emergency medicine aboard the newly commissioned USS Intrepid was contacted by Captain Kathryn Janeway. The captain offered her the position of chief medical officer aboard the Voyager however, Grace turned down the position as she did not feel comfortable with the ship’s mission to hunt down a Maquis terrorist cell in The Badlands.

By 2373 Grace was the chief medical officer aboard the USS Lakota under the command of Captain Erika Bentain. Shaw, who like many had not joined Starfleet to partake in intergalactic war found the Dominion/Federation War a living hell. The Lakota was frequently assigned to the front line and again, like so many Starfleet officers, she lost a lot of good friends during the long and bloody war.
In the last year of the Dominion War, the Lakota narrowly escaped destruction at the hands of the Breen. The ship sought refuse in the Altair Nebula for three weeks to make repairs whilst playing a deadly game of cat and mouse with a small fleet of Cardassian and Breen ships.

The Lakota was present during the battle to drive the Dominion away from Cardassia Prime. Grace was almost killed when the ship’s environmental systems failed after an explosive decompression blew out seven decks.
Grace was saved by Bentain and the ship’s first officer Charlie Donovan. Bentain perished during the incident and Donovan was paralysed. Racked with guilt, Grace decided it was time for her to leave Starfleet and head home to Earth once the war was over.

By the time 2375 came around and the war with the Dominion finally came to an end, Grace had fallen in love with Charlie Donovan, the man she had been able to cure of his paralysis and remained on the Lakota, serving under his command until 2379.

Grace and Charlie left the Lakota in 2379, destined for Earth aboard the Intrepid, the ship was ordered to alter course and rendezvous with the Starfleet Task Force close to the Bassen Rift. The Intrepid and the task force waited patiently for the starship Enterprise, which had been caught up in political coup on Romulus and its new illegitimate leader, Shinzon had vowed to destroy The Federation. Thankfully the crew of the Enterprise prevented Shinzon from reaching Earth however, the Enterprise was heavily damaged in the attack.
Grace was one of the first members of the medical teams from the Intrepid to beam aboard the stricken starship Enterprise and render assistance to the crew of the damaged ship which had been left dead in space.

Grace became good friends with Doctor Beverly Crusher during the trip back to Earth and was even offered the position of chief medical officer aboard the Enterprise however, with no room for Charlie in Captain Picard’s new senior crew the pair opted to return to Earth and finally take up her parents offer to help run the family medical practice in New York…

By 2388, Grace and Charlie’s relationship had broken down and Grace had become somewhat of socialite, mixing with some of the most powerful people in New York and befriended two very senior Starfleet admirals who convinced her to give up her life on Earth to join a top secret mission only known as, Project: Nomad.

Height 5ft7″
Blue/Green Eyes
British Accent