Profile Overview

Alais Durand

Human Female

Character Description

Alais was born and raised on Starbase Alfea, where her mum runs a small antiques and curiosity shop, and her dad is head chef of one of the Base’s restaurants.  The youngest of four, and the only girl, Alais was loved and pampered throughout her childhood.


Her eldest brother, Antony, is twelve years older than her and a Starfleet officer. Alais idolises him and it was a surprise to exactly no-one when she announced her dream was to enrol at the Academy.


While Security might not have seemed the most natural fit for such a bubbly person, Antony’s boyfriend, Theo, is a security officer on the base and took her under his wing. She excelled and had no problem getting into the Academy, and no issues at all getting assigned back to Alfea for her Ensign years.


However, when the time came to move up to Lieutenant (JG), they decided that it would perhaps be better for her to spread her wings and move on.  So she requested, and was granted, an assignment as a security officer on a new Diplomatic cruiser, the USS Aster.  Leaving Alfea was hard, but Alais can’t wait to learn new skills and develop her role in Security on the Aster.


Except, for once in her charmed life, Alais’ path turned out to be a little bumpier than she had planned…



Character Summary

Alais is young, enthusiastic and so happy to be a serving Starfleet Officer. She is determined to make the best of all things, no matter how hard it is to see the positive, she will always try to find a way.

Current Assignment

Chief Security Officer
USS Asger