First Ramata`tar

A little calm for the typical Jem Hadar. Odo's former First, Commander of his personal Commando Team and Body Guard. Loyal, with a sense of honor not usually found among Jem Hadar. Physical strong. Great warrior. Willing to listen to new ideas, loyal to his crew mates, but can at times become violent/aggressive.


‘Born’ and trained aboard Dominion Cloaning facility 331 in the Gamma Quadrant in 2382.

Assigned as Odo’s personal Guard after training was complete. Later become First of Jem’Hadar Commando Team 5492 under the direct command of Odo.

Requested to remain aboard Starbase 400 in 2388 after a successful joint Federation/Dominion operation.

Currently assigned to the Security/Tactical Department aboard Starbase 400, maintaining his rank of Jem’Hadar First.